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Read Right Now! COUNTING Skippyjon Jones 1-2-3 & Thumper Counts to Ten


Numbers appear everywhere in your child's life. Numbers are in stores and on signs. We also talk about numbers all the time. How many? What price? Understanding numbers is an important skill for children to practice: recognizing written numbers, writing numbers and  counting in order from 1 to 10 at first and then to 20 and 10 100. Concepts like "less than" and "more than" are also important. The books, videos and online activities below can help you make learning about numbers fun. The Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting! Also don't miss the Early Readers Club - your child can pick up a free book at participating IndyPL branches from Sep. - May each year until age six. Really! Books to Keep! Details.

More Read Right Now! Free eBooks for Kids

Read Right Now!

BeakleyCounts Ziggity

Read Beakley Counts 1 to 10 - Beakley learns to count to 10. Beakley wants you to learn your numbers and colors with him. Try these activities at home;

Read Thumper Counts to Ten - It's the perfect day for counting in the forest. Join Thumper and his sisters as they discover everything from upside-down opossums to a delicious patch of clover. Disney Digital Books are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for checkout with your IndyPL Library Card. See books below for more downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. More videos to watch at home:

Counting Videos:


Want to read more without ever leaving home? Use your indyPL library card to download eBooks and audiobooks. Click on a book jacket to choose a book to download.

Downloadable eBooks:

GeorgeTen Thomas123 BearsBeach ElmersFirst
GeorgeLearns FirstCounting BuckleShoe MonkeysJump
DuckGoose OneCheck Candy20 HungryRabbits
Wumbers Nancy100th JellyBeans
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