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GreenEggs BarnesSmall
Watch Green Eggs and Ham – Sam-I-Am tries to persuade his friend to try green eggs and ham.

MiceLemonade FriendMaisy
Read Maisy Makes Lemonade – On a hot day, Maisy the mouse and Eddie the elephant make lemonade and enjoy it together. More Maisy books to read online:

Read Pizza Maker – Dough, sauce, and cheese combine to make a delicious pizza pie in this fun early-learner read-aloud about being a pizza maker.

Fruits UniteForLiteracy75
Read Fruits Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

LetsMakeASnack UniteForLiteracy75
Read Let’s Make a Snack Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

Shopping With Dad 150 Cebeebies 75
Watch Shopping With Dad – A little girl and her father have a wonderful time in the grocery store until she nearly knocks over a display, then while trying her best to be good she lets out a big sneeze that results in chaos.

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Downloadable eBooks:

SheepEat BiggestCookie LittlePea GreenBeans
JunkFood BooBoo elizabite StirSoup
BearsPicnic DoraPicnic MickeyPicnic PeaseLouise

New & Favorite Cooking Stories:

Even Aliens Need Snacks Florentine and Pig Pinch and Dash Make Soup Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly
Pancakes, Pancakes Tyler Makes Pancakes Gazpacho for Nacho JamFrances
StoneSoup HoorayBread

Cookbooks for Preschoolers:

Minnie and Friends Cookbook Cool Raw Food Recipes Cool Snack Food Art A Superhero Cookbook
Mommy and Me Start Cooking Cook It Step By Step Summer Sips to Chill Dips Fall Shakes to Harvet Bakes
Let's Cook With Popcorn Easy Peasy Recipes Snacks & Treats to Make and Eat A Dinosaur Cookbook What’s in the Garden
Grow Your Own Snack

Selected by: Janet Spaulding, Collection Development Librarian

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