My Friend Fred

Grace’s dog Fred is her best loyal friend. He likes stories and running and lying around doing nothing, just like Grace. He even makes sure there are no monsters under Grace’s bed.

When Grace’s sister Sarah points out that Fred belongs to the family Grace wants none of it. She thinks to herself  “No, Sarah, you are wrong. Fred is mine. My friend Fred.”

When Fred’s loyalty to Grace is tested by Sarah and his favorite ball Grace decides the only way to keep Fred to herself is to go in her room with Fred and shut. the. door. tight.

Fred wants none of it. There is a ball out there! He wants it! Fred scratches. He presses his nose on the window, he whines, he pouts…until Grace finally figures out what he’s trying to say. “Friends don’t keep their friends all to themselves all of the time.”

It’s true for dogs and people both. In a family there is always enough love to go around!

GoodReads: My Friend Fred

In The Pain and the Great One two kids battle it out over who is the best-loved. In A Pocketful of Kisses a raccoon worries about whether his Mom will still love him as much after the new baby comes and The Dog Who Loved Tortillas is a dog like Fred – in the middle of a battle between two kids who want the dog to love them best.

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