Little Dog Lost

Little Dog Lost is one of those books that you know right away will be a favorite. It isn’t very long but it doesn’t have to be. The words and the pictures that are there do all the work. The story is packed with emotion – how can you not feel immediate empathy for the stranded little dog on the cover? How can you not want to know if he gets rescued? Look at the position of his ears. He needs help!

And after all that…the writing is fun to read out loud:

“Can anybody help? Please, help Dog!”

“Don’t be scared dog!”

You will cheer together for Dog and all the people who try to help him as he floats in the ocean alone on a piece of ice. The ending is just what you hope and to make it all even better – the book is based on a real dog. This one is definitely a “read it again!” Plus you can watch a video of the real dog’s dramatic rescue.

And that’s not all, you don’t even have to wait to read it. You can read it RIGHT NOW!

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  • Read Little Dog Lost Right Now …really, read it online right now for free. Courtesy of We Give Books. Love. Them. (And yes, We Give Books has even more books to read at home.)
  • Print and Color a Baltic Paper Doll
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If you and your family like Baltic’s story here are some more books about man’s best friend you might like to share. The first four stories are also based on real dogs who were exceptionally loyal. The Incredible Journey is a chapter book without pictures. It is the story of a bulldog, a golden retriever, and a Siamese cat who travel cross country in search of their missing human family. The movie adaptation is called Homeward Bound – a great choice for family movie night. I showed Homeward Bound one time at the library. There is a dramatic scene in it starring the golden retriever named Shadow. You really, REALLY want Shadow to be OK. I remember a boy, about 10 years old, sitting on the very edge of his seat murmuring “Come on Shadow! Come on Shadow!” When you care that much about the characters you know the book or movie is telling a good story. That little boy is in his twenties now…I bet he turned out good!

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