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Wordless Picture Books

You might wonder what's so great about a book without any words in it. Does it even qualify for a book if there are no words? With no words, isn't it just pictures? The truth is, a wordless picture book tells a story without using words. The PICTURES have meaning. The ability to look at pictures an understand from them what is going on is an important skill for small children to practice. Looking at wordless picture books helps your child acquire several skills, even before he/she begins to recognize letters or words.

  1. Comprehension - understanding the meaning of the pictures
  2. A book is understood from left to right
  3. Stories have a sequence
  4. Inferring meaning - understanding what has just happened based on the picture, for example, a facial expression.
  5. Predicting what will happen next
  6. Vocabulary - yes, even without words a wordless picture book helps build vocabulary because the reader comes up with their own words, and when reading with a parent, hears the parent's words that describe the same picture...but in different words. Instant vocabulary building!
  7. Lastly, what great books for kids who have trouble with letters and words!

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Looking for more? Search our catalog under the subject “Stories without Words” to find other great wordless reads!

New Wordless Picture Books:

A Ball for Daisy Bee & Bird The Birthday Cake Mystery Bluebird The Boy & the Airplane
Chalk Mirror Rainstorm The Shadow The Treasure Bath
The Umbrella Waterloo & Trafalgar Welcome to the Zoo Where’s Walrus?

Classic Wordless Books:

Anno's Journey Carl Goes to Day Care Do You Want to Be My Friend? Flotsam Free Fall
The Lion and the Mouse One Frog Too Many Pancakes for Breakfast Polo and Lily Robot Dreams
Snow Day Time Flies Truck Wave

Selected by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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