April – National Poetry Month

Kids love playing with words. I used to do a story time for four year-olds about sewing. They loved the words “spool” and  “thimble”. They used to walk around the room afterwards saying “thiiiiimboooooowl.” Why? Because it’s fun! Poetry books are a great way to share fun words with kids, especially words they don’t run into every day.  Wordplay is what poems are all about. Sure, hearing the words and seeing them will help build a child’s vocabulary, but also, your kid will laugh! From the very favorite “Where the Sidewalk Ends” to the Indiana born “The Frost is on the Punkin” you can find all kinds of poetry books at the library to keep you discovering new words that are just fun to say and poems that will make you smile. Here are some favorites as well as some new ones for 2015:


Favorite Poetry Books:

The Arrow Finds its Mark Collection A Child's Garden of Verses Here's a Little Poem Me & Neesie
Meet Danitra Brown Mirror, Mirror My Dog May Be a Genius Omnibeasts: Animal Poems and Paintings
Underwear Salesman When We Were Very Young Where the Sidewalk Ends

New Poetry Books:

Bananas in my ears Beast Friends Forever! Bug off! Creepy, crawly poems Follow follow
Grumbles from the Forest If You Were a Chocolate Mustache Pigmares Poem Runs
Pug and Other Animal Poems Seeds, bees, butterflies, and more! Step Gently Out We Go Together!
Wee Rhyme's Baby's First Poetry Book When You’re a Pirate Dog and Other Pirate Poems World Rat Day

Books Recommended by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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