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Storybook Character & Easy Costumes

Finding the right costume is the treasure hunt of Halloween isn’t it? The best kind, of course, are the homemade kind! These Pinterest boards, books and web links will help you find some great ideas for easy, cheap costumes…some of them even for your child’s favorite book character! Come up with a good one? Send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter!



DIY Birthday Party: Arthur

Athurs BirthdayBook characters make great birthday party themes because they are FAVORITES. Arthur is always a hit! Below you will find everything you need to plan a fun Arthur Birthday Party on the cheap. All you need is a computer, printer, some time…and your library card! We have the books, movies & music to make your party a memorable hit.

For our Arthur Party we looked at these sources of Arthur fun and picked our very favorites. You can follow our plan or mix and match activities that make sense to you and your birthday kid.



To get your party organized from the start, click and print the printable guest list tracker and invitation of your choice, full color or color your own!

Guest List 150Arthur Invitation 2 150ArthurInteractive pdfs.inddArthurInteractive pdfs.indd


Arthur & DW party hats and a birthday banner to print and color.

Arthur Crown 150ArthurInteractive pdfs.inddArthurInteractivepdfs_round3.inddArthurInteractivepdfs_round2.indd

Party Activities:

1. Greeting Guests Music & Coloring Activity 15-20 min

Arthur Frame

  • Play the Arthur Theme Song
  • Printable Crayola Picture Frame (Best to print on card stock if you have it.) Make sure each child puts their name on their own picture frame! Later, a party picture will go in the frame.
  • Hand out paper and pens/pencils/crayons and have the guests learn to draw Arthur from this great video – the teacher is Marc Brown himself!

2. Game 10 min

3. Read Aloud 10 min

Arthurs Birthday

4. Music Craft 15 min

Arthur Shake the Shaker

5. Game 15 min

6. Take a Group Picture 5 min (Print one for each guest.)

Arthur Frame
  • Crayola Printable Picture Frame (Print copies of the picture while guests are eating cake. If you have time, attach the picture to the frame guests colored during the greeting time. If you don’t have time, add frame and photo to their take home bags!)
  • 7. Cake/Food Sing and eat cake 10-15 min

    8. Games 15-2o min

    9. Videos During Pickup Time

    Arthur Hoopla

    10. Take Home Bags and Say Goodbye 10-15 min

    You can make a printed Arthur Activity book for guests to take home. Follow these links to printable pages. Add your own small favors or treats.

    Arthur Mini Book 150Arthur Paper Doll 150Binky Maze 150Go Fetch Game 150

    Thank You Notes:


    Alternate Activity for a longer party or for older guests – Put on Play:

    Library Books:

    IndyPL Downloadable Audiobooks:

    • Marc Brown’s Arthur Chapter Books Vol 1 
    • Marc Brown’s Arthur Chapter Books Vol 2
    • Marc Brown’s Arthur Chapter Books Vol 3
    • Marc Brown’s Arthur Chapter Books Vol 4
    • Marc Brown’s Arthur Chapter Books Vol 5
    • Arthur Anniversary Collection

    Read Right Now! Pasta

    Strega Nona, or “Grandma Witch,” is the Italian town of Calabria’s source for cures and secret potions. One of her magical skills is operating a magic pot which produces delicious pasta on her command. One day while she is away, hungry Big Anthony remembers the magic words Strega Nona uses to fill the pot up…but realizes too late he does not know how to turn it off!  Listen to the story’s author, Tomie de Paola read, Strega Nona: an Old Tale…a story that gives “all you can eat” a whole new meaning!

    More FREE Online Reading:


    Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to check out FREE Online eBooks. Click on a book jacket & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?Overdrive
    NoodlemaniaBoy DumplingsThe Story of NoodlesMei Mei's Lucky Birthday NoodlesMonster Max's Shark Spaghetti

    Printables, Crafts & More:


    Spaghetti SmilesCora Cooks PancitGrow Your Own Garden Pasta SauceOodles of NoodlesNoodle MagicTony Baroni Loves MacaroniTyler Makes SpaghettiABC PastaWhat's In Your Macaroni and Cheese?Let's Cook with NoodlesOn Top of SpaghettiThe Ugly Dumpling


    Read Right Now! Pizza

    The lunchtime crowd is at Peg’s Pizza Place. Peg and Cat are eager to take orders until they are stumped when some of their customers want a whole pizza, an others only want half a pizza. As more customers order pizza, watch Peg and Cat get the hang of fractions and make sure there is enough pizza for everyone! It turns out dividing things up can be easy, it’s all in how you slice it! Watch while the authors, Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson, share their story, Pet + Cat: the Pizza Problem:

    More FREE Online Reading:


    Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to check out FREE Online eBooks. Click on a book jacket & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?Overdrive
    A Pizza for SamCaillou Makes a MealCurious George and the PizzaThe Pizza MonsterCurious George and the Pizza PartyPizza at Sally's


    Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to check out FREE Online eVideo. Click on a movie below & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?Overdrive

    Printables, Crafts & More:

    Make a Pizza Coloring SheetPizza Letter TracerP is for Pizza Letter TracerSesame Street Pizza Math


    The Deep Dish on PizzaScooby Doo the Pizza Place GhostThe 100th CustomerDragon PizzeriaPizza en PienzaThe Princess and the PizzaThe Little Red Hen Makes a PizzaPizzaFiesta Secreta de PizzaThe Pizza Delivery MysteryLorenzo the Pizza Loving LobsterSo You Want to Grow a Pizza


    Crafty Chloe

    Chloe loves to make stuff. Out of anything. Craft supplies. Stuff she finds around the house. Trash. Stuff that doesn’t belong to her – like her Dad’s shirt! She is one creative girl! When she gets invited to a friend’s birthday party she is determined to make something truly special. Her motivation? Jealousy! I know, not what you expected. She wants to give her friend a gift at least as good as what one of the other guests is bringing! She comes up with something perfect…in fact, it is SO perfect it erases the jealousy and makes all three girls smile. The best gifts really are the homemade kind! Author: Kelly DiPucchio

    More books about craft loving kids:

    Some Books:

    Alex and Lulu Two of a KindPolka Dot Penguin PotteryArt's SuppliesThe DotEmma's Rug