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  1. John Green speaks to high school students in Indianapolis and Cologne, Germany


    September 18, 2015 by Reader's Connection

    On September 14th, best-selling author John Green delivered a lecture at Central Library which was attended by staff at the Cologne Public Library in Germany via Skype connection. ~ Click…

  2. Is this cat really grooving on Hans Menasse?


    January 22, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the film The Third Man, and don’t want to learn about any of its plot twists, you should avoid this blog post. In the…

  3. One Book, Two Cities?


    December 3, 2013 by Reader's Connection

    Mayor Greg Ballard appeared at Central Library Tuesday morning to announce the beginning of our “One Book, Two Cities” program.  We are joining our Sister City Cologne in reading Eva…

  4. What is this stuff?


    November 1, 2012 by Reader's Connection

        If you don’t know what this is, then (a) you’ve probably never eaten any of it, and (b) you haven’t been keeping up with our two librarians, Ann…