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S. J. Rozan Lecture: Every Story is a Mystery

November 12, 2009 by Reader's Connection

Almost a month ago, on October 14th, author S. J. Rozan visited Central Library and gave a lecture called “Every Story Is a Mystery.” Rozan is the author of the Bill Smith & Lydia Chin mystery series, and she was in town to serve as Toastmaster for the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention downtown. 

 After the lecture, I rode down on the elevator with two women. One said that Rozan was a hoot, and the other, a writer herself, said that Rozan was inspiring. I agreed both times. You can find out why by right-clicking on the image to the left, choosing Save Target As . . . (or language to that effect), and downloading this insightful, hilarious lecture. 


“Every Story Is a Mystery” was one in a series of lectures called “Be a Better Writer.” The series was presented by the Writers’ Center of Indiana; and Rozan is introduced by the Center’s Executive Director, Barbara Shoup.

You may not hear the questions during the extensive Q & A, but Rozan’s answers solve that problem.



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