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What´s New with Downloadables? (Ebooks and Social Networking Features)

November 4, 2009 by Reader's Connection

On our homepage´s lower left, there used to be a link that said Downloadable Audiobooks. You may have noticed that we´ve e-transmogrified it.




Now it just says Downloadables. We had to make the change because ebooks have become available at that site, in addition to the audiobooks. These ebooks can be read on Sony Readers. They can’t be read on a Kindle. If you happen to know whether they can be read on one of the new Barnes & Noble Nooks, please leave us a comment to that effect.


No, you can't click here and download the software. SorryGo to the Downloadables site for instructions. You’ll have to download the Adobe Digital Editions software.


Features have been expanded to accomodate ebooks. Back in May, for example, I did a posting about your new ability to change your checkout period. Now, if you go to My eAccount, log in, and select Lending Periods from the menu, you’ll see that a lending period field for ebooks has been added.  


 Again, you’ll need to go to the Downloadables page to read all the instructions.

So what was I saying about social networking features?

I haven’t completely recovered from our library’s Month of Mysteries, so I’m going to select Mystery & Thriller from the eBook Fiction menu. (The networking features are available for both the audiobooks and the ebooks.)


I’ll choose the Dick Francis title, 10 lb Penalty, from the list. When I’ve opened the record (by clicking on the title or the cover art) I’m given the choice to go to Facebook or Twitter, or to send an email. I’m going to select Email a friend . . .


. . . and write my email and send it.


And my friend receives an email, complete with a link that will take him or her to the title I’ve chosen.received

Facebook and Twitter users will be able to use those sites to spread the word about books they’ve enjoyed.




Check out our enhanced Downloadables site. I hope you find something that you’d like to share with someone.



  1. Sarah says:

    You crack me up! Love your sense of humor, Glenn! I’m going to have to start looking at the library website more often!

  2. Deb says:

    I agree! What a fun way to learn about stuff!

  3. Tia Jah says:

    So I should have read this posting before asking about the e-book link on the website (now defunct). It explains it all, and in such a fun way! Thanks, Glenn. When are you writing a book?

  4. Rhonda says:

    I just got my Sony Reader and I love it! The selection of books at IMCPL is pretty good. Do you know if the selection will become as current with the more popular books in print version? I’ve never had a problem getting a book I’ve wanted in print but I don’t see the same selections in ebook form,like Stephen King’s newbook Under The Dome. Please let me know how the library makes the choice of what books to purchase.

  5. Glenn Halberstadt says:

    Thank you for your comment, Rhonda. Sorry to be so long in responding to your question.

    Under the Dome isn’t yet available for library purchase; and I should also say that some e-books are first offered at hardbound book prices, and the library waits for the price to come down.

    Thanks again for your comment,
    Glenn Halberstadt
    Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library

  6. Sandi Mayhew says:

    Hi GLenn,

    Voice from the past…how exciting to know that our little e book committee has influenced IMCPL!

    I have a Kindle. Does ytour software support download to my Kindle. I sure hope so. Money is getting tight in retirement. (:)

    Say hi to all my friends.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Glenn Halberstadt says:

    Hi, Sandi–

    Good to hear from you. Hope you’re well.

    Our Downloadables site, which is powered by Overdrive, has not previously supported the Kindle; but we’re told that it will be able to support the Kindle by the end of 2011.

    Best wishes,

  8. I just heard about the app for iPad, Bluefire Reader. I understand it uses Adobe technology, and will permit reading on multiple devices, such as iPhone and laptop. Will the library support this app and iPad as a reader for e-books? How about the iBooks app on iPad?


  9. Glenn Halberstadt says:

    Thanks for your questions, Anne.
    The downloadable eBooks in our collection are a service provided by Overdrive, a third-party vendor. These titles are compatible with the Overdrive Media Center app for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry, as well as other eBook readers using Adobe Digital Editions. Other reader programs or apps are not supported by the vendor.
    Glenn Halberstadt
    Reader’s Connection

  10. Billie R. says:

    Question: How do I download e-books to my nook reader? I heard it was possible to do so. I require simple step by step instructions,please. thank you

  11. Glenn Halberstadt says:

    Hi, Billie. I am emailing you the instructions.

  12. Deena J says:

    Question: How do I download audiobooks to my MP3 Player? I heard it was possible to do so. I require simple step by step instructions,please. thank you

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