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The World of Paper

November 6, 2009 by Reader's Connection

Wings, by Mona Waterhouse

Wings, by Mona Waterhouse


This post really belongs over on the Arts blog, but my most recent Reader´s Connection post was about the availability of ebooks at the library´s Downloadables site; and I’d like to bounce back with a paperphiliac post about “The World of Paper,” an exhibit that will be on display at Central Library until January 10th.



On the Arts blog, courtesy of  photographer Jeffrey A. Kisling, we have pictures of one part of the exhibit: artist Kyoko Ibe’s Flight, a glorious work that’s currently on view in Central’s Atrium. 


washiBut “The World of Paper” is all over Central Library, from the floor portholes in the Learning Curve (2nd Floor) to the Nina Mason Pulliam Special Collections Room (6th Floor), with more than 350 individual objects: art and artifacts from the Dard Hunter Collection as well as historic photographs and other material from the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.


If you’re feeling brave, you can click on the arrow below and start a fifty-second video. The cameraman was not, unfortunately, Jeffrey Kisling, and you may experience sea-sickness while viewing. The solution to this problem is to come to Central and see the exhibit in person. We obviously haven’t captured it here.


The video begins with sheets of Fiji tapa cloth, a forerunner to paper, on exhibit in the Yellow Room near the St. Clair Street entrance. After that you get glimpses from around the building (I don’t have details on how the paper with real butterflies was done), and you end up in the Learning Curve, looking at a cool paper shirt and some psychedelic watermarks.

Please join us at Central Library before January 10th and take this amazing tour. You’ll actually see some books here and there.



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