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What a Load of Bull: One Book One City Title Announced

October 16, 2009 by Reader's Connection

Some Buried Caesar

At tonight´s Indiana Mystery Author Celebration at Central Library, Sarah Taylor, Director of Constituent Services for the City of Indianapolis, announced this year´s One Book One City title for Indianapolis.

In conjunction with the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention being held in Indianapolis this weekend, we have chosen Some Buried Caesar, a Nero Wolfe mystery by Indiana native son Rex Stout.

This one involves a huge prize bull who is scheduled for a controversial slaughter. I’ve only made it to Chapter 10, but I can already reassure vegetarian mystery buffs that at least one human gets bumped off before the bull does–if the bull ever does.

This mystery is to be recommended because readers learn how Wolfe behaves himself when he’s forced to leave his Manhattan brownstone–that almost had to happen, if he was going to deal with a bull–and because heiress and socialite Lily Rowan, who will sometimes appear in the series as detective Archie Goodwin’s romantic other, is introduced in Some Buried Caesar (1939).

You can share comments here, of course, but you can also share your opinions about this book on our One Book One City page.


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