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Interview with David Leander Williams, who will be at Eagle on September 2nd

August 11, 2014 by Reader's Connection

Wes Montgomery played his guitar on David Leander Williams’s front porch. That is so neat. When Williams was a kid, he lived a block or so from Indiana Avenue, and his father was a friend of Montgomery’s.


I learn this from an interview that you can watch by clicking on Williams’s picture.

Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends and Legacy of Indiana AvenueHe has written a new book called Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends and Legacy of Indiana Avenue, and will appear at the Eagle Library on Tuesday, September 2nd at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the rise and fall of the jazz age on Indiana Avenue.

Indianapolis Jazz is also available as a downloadable e-book.

And “Midnight Hour Blues” is available on Freegal. I downloaded it a few years ago, when Freegal first appeared on our website.

Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell.
Click to hear “Midnight Hour Blues”

Why do I mention that, you wonder? Pianist & singer-songwriter Leroy Carr spent some of his youth in Indianapolis, as did guitarist Francis “Scrapper” Blackwell. It was here that they met and, as David Leander Williams puts it, they “came, saw and conquered Indiana Avenue.”

They are one of my favorite musical duos–I love the way Blackwell’s picking works it way around Carr’s chords. They are usually considered bluesmen rather than jazz artists, but their tale is told in Mr. Williams’s book; and quite a few Carr & Blackwell numbers can be found on Freegal.



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