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New Options for Downloadable Audiobooks

May 6, 2009 by Reader's Connection

Some flexibility has been added to the checkout process for downloadable audiobooks, and you’ve been given the ability to rate the titles.

Everyone’s checkout limit is still six audiobooks; but until now, all audiobooks were checked out for 21 days. Even if you were finished much sooner, you had to wait the full three weeks before the item would expire and allow you to check out another.

2eaccout If you want to explore the new checkout options, open our Downloadable Audiobooks page and click on My eAccount. Log in using your library card barcode and PIN (the last four digits of your barcode, if you haven’t changed it.)



Once your eAccount opens, click on Lending Periods.lending

The Lending Periods page will open. Your default period for both Overdrive MP3 Audiobooks and Overdrive WMA Audiobooks is 21 days.



You can open the menus and change the settings, choosing a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day checkout. Click on Done, and these will be your standard periods.



Each time you check out a title, though, you can change the checkout period without changing your standard period. In our illustration, the patron is wondering how long it will take her to listen to Ovid’s Metamorphoses.



In addition to changing your checkout periods, you can now rate the audiobooks. Our Ovid listener has developed gills while listening to The Metamorphoses. She realizes that she’s turning into a Florida whoopfish. No one had told her that it was that kind of audiobook, and she wants to give Ovid a terrible rating. She opens the title’s detail page . . .



rating2. . . clicks where it says Sign in & rate this title . . .


rating3. . .  logs in using her library card barcode and PIN . . .








ratingya. . . and hovers over the left star, intending  to give Ovid the worst possible rating.





rating4But it suddenly dawns on her that she had needed a change, that her life hadn’t been going anywhere, and she clicks on the right-hand star.


Enjoy your listening. May none of your audioexperiences be average.



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  1. Greg Manning says:

    Very clever explanation! I’ve never checked out any audiobooks this way, but now I might give it a try.

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