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2 poems by Bob Hicok, and hey, Franklin Road’s book discussion has moved to March 17th.

February 28, 2014 by Reader's Connection

Due to impending horrible weather, Franklin Road’s book discussion, scheduled for Monday, March 3rd, has been postponed. The discussion of No Pulling Back: Tale of a Fighter Dog, with author Ruth Hanley in attendance, will be rescheduled.

Elegy Owed

“Love” and “The days are getting longer” appear in Bob Hicok’s collection Elegy Owed (© 2013 Copper Canyon Press) and are reprinted by permission.

“Love” is a late valentine for you. “The days are getting longer” is an example of what the jacket cover means when it says that in Hicok’s poems “the rules of mourning are broken and salvaged.”

I’m sorry for the crude dry-walling I’ve done with this first poem. Couldn’t get the blogging software to behave poetically.





The days are getting longer

The birds I feed seed every morning
never thank me, and I tell on them
to my mother, who I assume
raised them and everything
from pups. She’s begun to forget
why my voice shows up in her ear
each week, let alone
what the real name of the ruby-
throated-whatsit is, it’s hard
to help the dead be dead
before they are. Mourning

doves, cardinals, chickadees
strip the cupboard bare
in a matter of hours,
as tiny guillotines cut each leaf
from every tree, the leaves
fall orange & brown, a muted rainbow
arting-up the forgiveness
of October air, which smells naked,
new, and accepts the shape
of everything in its mouth. She asked

the other day how my day was,
I told her, she asked again,
as if I hadn’t answered
or slept in the rumpus-room
of her womb. Do you ever look
at a crust of bread and wonder
if that’s God, if the quiet
that lives there is the same hush
we become? I never do too,
but is it, and why are we dragging
these anvils behind us?



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