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Eaarth (Book Review by IndyPL Patron)

January 8, 2014 by Reader's Connection

EaarthOh my! Eaarth has to be the most important book I have digested in all of my 71 years. I shy away from books that put before me a plethora of statistics that I don’t understand but do understand can be made to prove one point over another.

But Bill McKibben has MUCH to say that WE NEED to hear, painful as it is, about our Eaarth.

I have learned how biggering our economy and agriculture and making it dependent upon the decreasing supplies of the oil industry (that is “too big to fail”, remember that term in 2008?) creating a picture of our future that is downright scary.

And after the first two chapters in this 4 chapter book, I wondered what he could tell me to make a difference. And it was this: small, local, durable, stable. I was heartened and am determined to “spread the word”. We need to know this stuff, talk about it, and raise out understanding.

Thank you for listening! Please read this book.


Eaarth is also available as an audiobook on CD.

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