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New Year – New Fun with Old Titles

December 31, 2013 by Reader's Connection

Happy New Year! As 2014 begins, feel free to ward off the winter chill with some old pulp titles that are being newly re-issued in ebook format. These have been long out of print in paper format, but are finding new life and new audiences among those with digital reading devices. Prologue books is bringing back the pulp era in Mystery, Science Fiction, Western and Horror. Although it isn’t new, it might be new to YOU! It’s fun to compare and contrast the crime fiction of yesterday, with the evolutionary offspring of today.

Benny Muscles In by Peter Rabe
Benny Muscles In

Originally published in 1955, this is a classic story of an outsider trying to become an insider. It’s a classic motif that is still used today, more often in crime fiction on tv. It’s the medical examiner who wants to ride along and solve crimes like his police buddies instead of staying safe (but bored) in the lab.


Philadelphia Blowup
Philadelphia Blowup by Mike Barry

Originally published 1975.




Don’t Speak to Strange Girls

In the end, however, this piece of advice is probably as true in crime fiction today as it was in 1963:

Don’t Speak to Strange Girls

by Harry Whittington, originally published 1963.


–Selector Robin Bradford



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