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If Jennifer Egan had published a book this year, I might have recommended it as a gift.

December 13, 2013 by Reader's Connection

The KeepBut we’re going to have to settle for her 2006 title The Keep, which involves a castle, a prison, hauntings, paranoia, estranged cousins, troubled marriages, and a very old baroness who, despite her age, can display great vigor. She hates everyone. Someone on your list will be happy to receive a paperback copy.

Howie King has bought a castle in eastern Europe, with the thought of turning it into a very strange hotel. Cousin Danny–who is my opposite, and can’t stand to be away from his e-connections with the world–shows up at the castle with a satellite dish . . .  Hold up. I just now finished reading the novel, and I realize how misleading it is to feed you this story line.

There are different stories in the book, with different characters, and they’re connected by tunnels like the ones that run beneath the castle’s keep and its grounds.

Jennifer Egan is funny, but gives a good scare, and does well in presenting the social structures of the extreme worlds that she presents. When I finished the book, I wondered, Wait a minute. How were those tunnels connected, exactly? There’s only one way to be sure, and I’m popping new batteries into my flashlight.



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