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50 Years

November 22, 2013 by Reader's Connection

The Day Kennedy Died : 50 Years Later: Life Remembers the Man and the MomentOn the library’s Facebook page, Selector Beth Baker Schoch has posted a link to Life Magazine’s new book The Day Kennedy Died : 50 Years Later: Life Remembers the Man and the Moment, and I couldn’t come up with a better idea for a link.

When I search our catalog for john kennedy assassination I retrieve 197 books, 29 DVDs, 23 e-books, and more. The library still owns a copy of Edward Jay Epstein’s Inquest; the Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth which, in 1966, was one of the first books to cast doubt on the Warren Commission’s report on the assassination; and we still own a copy of Gerald L. Posner’s Case Closed : Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK which, in 1993, established to the satisfaction of some reviewers, though obviously not everyone, that Oswald had acted alone.

The Warren Commission Report : Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. KennedySince Posner’s book was published, readers have learned that Oswald was a “deep-cover intelligence agent who was framed for an assassination he was actually trying to prevent,” that Lyndon “Johnson and the Ciavello mob set up a contract hit on President Kennedy in a town where they controlled law enforcement,” and a number of other things. I was thinking of preparing a booklist, but my heart isn’t in it and I’m too ignorant. Here’s a list from The Daily Beast of “the only five [books on the subject] that count”, and here’s a list from Forbes of four “essential books” on the assassination. The lists are completely different, coming from different angles.

Mayor Ballard has proclaimed that this is a day of remembrance, and I’m remembering that when I came to American History class after lunch, Jerry Klausman told me that President Kennedy had been shot, and others confirmed it. I couldn’t remember Jerry’s surname, just now–I had to scan our yearbook pictures–but I remember my disbelief (Why is he saying such an odd thing?) and that our history teacher, who was late for class that day, had by all reports looked really upset in the cafeteria. The world had changed.


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