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The Contenders: Free e-Excerpts from the National Book Award Finalists

October 23, 2013 by Reader's Connection

Black ApertureThe National Book Award Finalists were announced last Wednesday, October 16th. Click on that link for the title lists & write-ups. I contacted Louisiana State University Press for permission to print a couple of poems from finalist Matt Rasmussen’s Black Aperture, but was told, very kindly, that no permissions would be granted until after the winners were announced on November 20th.

And then the woman told me, even more kindly, that free poems from NBA finalists were available.

Banner link to The Contenders Free NBA E-book Series, Editor's Selected Excerpts from our National Book Award Finalists

And it’s true. Not only poems, but prose selections, are available on free downloadable e-books. If you want to sample some of the finalist titles, those of you with Kindles or Kobes or Nooks can click, right here and now, on the red place where it says “Click Here,” and you’ll be taken to a National Book Award web page that looks like this . . .

. . . except that the vendor listings on their page, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and so on, are live links. Click on the one of those appropriate to your device, and you’ll be given a chance to download a free e-book with selections from the finalists in the category you’ve chosen, Fiction or Nonfiction or Poetry or Young People’s Literature.

Book of Ages : The Life and Opinions of Jane FranklinThe pages of the different vendors look a bit different, and I accept no responsibility for what happens when you try to download. My device is so sad, so old, that I’m too embarrassed to name it, and unable to take advantage of this offer.

The finalists are, of course, all available from the library, or at least we’re in the process of making them available. But if you would like just an idea of what the books are like–what’s all this about Ben Franklin’s sister?–and you have a device more respectable than mine, enjoy.


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