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Owen Keane Returns. And Terence Faherty Appears at Indy Reads Books. (And at Franklin Road Library.)

October 7, 2013 by Reader's Connection

Eastward in EdenI have four favorite failed seminarians. Two are personal friends, and I won’t dwell on them. One is Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow, who after dropping out of the seminary became a barber and sometime gravedigger in Port William, Kentucky. And fourth but not least is Terence Faherty’s Owen Keane, who, post-seminary, became one of America’s most interesting sleuths.

Owen hasn’t been featured in a novel for fourteen years, but he’ll return when Faherty’s new novel Eastward in Eden is published. To celebrate the event, Faherty will appear at Indy Reads Books on Sunday, October 27th at 3:00 p.m. Come, meet the author, and get a book signed.



Indy Reads Books (a Facebook link, here)
911 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202




And gazing farther into the future: Faherty will appear at the Franklin Road Library to lead a discussion of Eastward in Eden  on Monday, December 2nd at 6:30 p.m.



Library Journal reviews the book:

Adrift and depressed in the summer of 1997,Owen Keane heads to Kenya, at the urging of a mutual friend, to help out Father Philip Swickard, a former seminary classmate. Father Swickard has been quite vocal with his opinions, and his priestly stature doesn’t give him immunity in Kenya’s unsettled political climate. Locally, the recent appearance of a mysterious man claiming to be the reincarnation of a long-dead chief, Wauki (killed in the late 1800s by the British), has heightened tension. Then there’s a sword that’s been stolen from a retired British schoolteacher, a longtime resident . . . Owen listens, solves the mystery, and rediscovers purpose in his life. VERDICT Readers are transported immediately into Kenya’s border region by Faherty’s graceful prose. His unhappy protagonist may be uncertain, but he’s profoundly curious.


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