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E-Book and Audiobook News: A Raised Checkout Limit, and a New Disney Collection

July 8, 2013 by Reader's Connection

You will now be able to check out 25 OverDrive titles on the library’s Downloadables page. The previous limit to your total had been 12.

So your OverDrive ebooks, your OverDrive audiobooks and your OverDrive Disney Digital titles can add up to 25.

Disney what? The Disney Digital Collection is new to us, and consists of over 660 titles that cannot be downloaded but can be accessed in a browser on Windows and Mac computers.



Open any of the three OverDrive pages, and find this Disney box, somewhere on the page.


Click on that, and you are taken to a selection of Disney titles.




I’m going to check out the spotted dogs.


I open the record.















I click on Borrow, and am asked to log in with my barcode and PIN.





When the borrowing has happened, I’m taken to my e-Bookshelf.


Next to my Disney book, there’s a Launch button rather than a Download button.


I click on Launch.












And it launches.

The green arrows at the top of the screen are used to turn pages.

The pen over Cruella De Vil’s head leaves a trail of sparks when you move it around. Or when your child moves it around.






If your dictionary is turned on at the top of the page . . .



. . . and you point your sparky pencil at a word and click . . .




















. . . a definition of the word will appear.

That’s true for at least some words. “Puppy-sit” didn’t have a definition.

If your speaker is turned on, you’ll also hear the word pronounced.




If your trivia trophy is turned on at the top of the page . . .


. . . then Trivia Challenges will sometimes appear.



I chose “Bonnie and Clyde” as my answer to this one, for experimental purposes. Got a red light, but was able to forge ahead.





bambi_headphonesNot all Disney Digital Books have the same features. My copy of Bambi (well, mine for 21 days) has a Look and Listen feature. If you turn it on, the story is read to you.


You can adjust your checkout period for the Disney Digital Books, as you can for audiobooks and ebooks.











So spread the word. On the twilight bark, if that’s your social network. Up to 25 OverDrive items. Over 660 new Disney Digital Books.


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