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New Genealogy Database Available at Library Branches

April 14, 2009 by Reader's Connection

ancestryAncestry Library Edition is a new genealogy-related database that you can access at Central Library or any of our branches. It searches a range of Federal Censuses and other records.

I’m not a genealogy person, myself, but out of curiosity I entered my great-great-grandfather’s name in the form on their homepage. I said that he was born in Germany and died in the US. I guessed on his birth and death dates–and did not click on Exact Matches Only.

I clicked on Search and there they were: records from a range of censuses, about a number of Charles Halberstadts. The entries from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, were easy to spot. I opened one of them, clicked on the 1880 United States Federal Census.

That page had info about Charles, with a list of family members at the bottom. Uncle Lew was there!¬† He once borrowed money from someone in the family, and told his victim seven years later that the statute of limitations had run out on the debt! Let’s hear it for Lew!

I backed up to the Ranked Search Results page, clicked on the Birth, Marriage & Death link, and was rewarded with all manner of Charles Halberstadts–including my father, who died a couple of years ago in Portage, Indiana. I wasn’t expecting to have him show up, here. This was a record from the Social Security Death Index.

So come to one of our libraries and have a hand at this new database. If you’re a true researcher, you’ll have a much better idea than I did of what your looking for and where to look. In any case, a wealth of info is open to you.

Note: A patron has asked where our databases live. I should have explained that there’s a link to our iLibrary Online Databases on the left side of our website’s¬†homepage. Once you’ve clicked that, you can choose the alphabetical arrangement of databases and look for Ancestry Library Edition. Again, this new database cannot be accessed from your home or office. You must come to a library agency to access it.