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Summertime, and the e-books are jumpin’

June 18, 2013 by Reader's Connection

We don’t really recommend that you stick your e-reader or iPod or whatever in the sand. In fact I wouldn’t take an e-reader to the beach at all, unless you’ve invested in a Kindle Force Field.

But an e-book in your lakeside cottage or dehumidified basement, or an audiobook in your car if you’re headed somewhere, can be great fun in the summertime.

sort_newClick on the picture of the foolishly planted e-book to go to our downloadables page. A couple of improvements were made yesterday.

Users have always wanted to sort our e-books by title or author, and now they can do it. You can flip the alphabet, if you want to get right to the zombie titles.


At the moment, if you’re sorting All Fiction, an Author A-Z sort begins strangely (LaHaye? Taylor? Werwinski?), but once you get past the first 8 titles, I think you’re in business. The other sorts that I’ve tried run more smoothly. Titles in Chinese seem to have been relegated to the end of the alphabet, after (or before, if you’re Z-A) the zombie material.

Also: social networking and email options have been added to allow users to share what they’re reading with friends.

Choose a title, and when its full screen opens, look over to the right.

The Facebook & Twitter & email icons display in color when a user hovers over them. Click the icon, sign in, and socialize your heart out.




Have a wonderful summer. Keep cool, drive safely, enjoy your reading.



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