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Snapper Author at Big Hat Books 4/23

April 22, 2013 by Reader's Connection


Brian Kimberling’s first novel Snapper is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, April 23rd, and at 5:00 p.m. there will be a reception at Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple. The author will give a reading around 6:00, which will be followed by Q & A and book signings.

Click here¬†for more details. The reviews of Snapper available in our catalog are all positive. Here’s Booklist‘s “starred review:”

In those awkward, drifting, postcollege years, when many young men find themselves working behind a counter, Nathan Lochmueller learns he has a gift for tracking songbirds. Given a job as a research assistant, he becomes intimately familiar with one square mile of south central Indiana near Bloomington, where he imagines himself in kinship with the great naturalists of early America. The pay is poor, but the woods provide solace through rocky, hand-to-mouth years, during which Nathan pines for the lovely but free-spirited Lola and experiences the growing apart that accompanies growing up. Told with precise and memorable prose in beautifully rendered, time-shifted vignettes, Snapper richly evokes the emotions of coming to adulthood. Nathan’s fascination with the physical world and with living an authentic and meaningful life, his disdain for jingoistic environmentalism, and his struggle to find balance between the cloistered liberalism of college towns and the conservatism of small towns are thoughtfully explored. All this, and it’s funny, too. Whether it’s a snapping turtle biting off a friend’s finger or a borrowed dog finding a human thigh bone in a cemetery, Kimberling writes gracefully about absurdity, showing a rich feeling for the whole range of human tragicomedy. A delightful debut.



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