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April 1, 2013 by Reader's Connection

I, even I, am he who knoweth the roads/Through the sky, and the wind thereof is my body.


Ezra Pound is back, to remind us that April is National Poetry Month. I hope to get some poems posted here during the month, but in the meantime, you might want to be aware of a few poetry sources on the Web.

Do you have a Twitter account? Would you like to be poetically tweeted?



The Poetry Foundation publishes Poetry Magazine and two Twitter feeds are available:

The magazine feed seems to tweet once or at most twice a day, usually with a poem or article from the magazine. And they skip some days, as is their right, whereas the foundation tweets like a bird, with links to articles from other magazines, and anything that resonates with their tweeters.



Also: The Academy of American Poets sends me a poem a day. If that sounds good to you, click here:

And the Academy has a remarkable assortment of online resources at



And poetry is around, here and there. Selector Kathy Barnard kindly sent me this link to an article at the Brain Pickings website, with some reflections by poet James Dickey about how to enjoy poetry:

If any of my unpoetically shortened links don’t work, let me know. Have a wonderful month.


Thanks to the Poetry Foundation for permission to use their logo, and to Adrian Stasiak for the use of Ezra Pound.



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