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The Feeds Are Coming for You! And Google Reader Will Eat Itself on Monday!

June 27, 2013 by Reader's Connection

If you’re frightened when you see the mention of “feeds” or “RSS feeds” on our website, please rest easy. These feeds have nothing to do with zombies or ghouls.
Sometimes RSS feeds are accompanied by this orange icon, sometimes not.

You can use these feeds to have lists of new library books or DVDs or CDs, or info about upcoming library programs, sent to you automatically.

If you want to give this a try, you first have to set up a feed reader, or aggregator, to receive the info-bursts that the library sends you. We’ll look at my reader, first, so you can decide whether you want to make use of the service.

I would have recommended Google Reader, but Google Reader is scheduled to eat itself next Monday, July 1st. If you’re a Google Reader user, and haven’t already done so, you need to transfer your feeds to another reader.

I’ve set up an account with another reader called Feedly, which sounds like a kind of mosquito. Feedly makes the transfer from Google Reader pretty easy, and I’m going to open it now.





One of my feed subscriptions is to the library’s newest mysteries, and some cover art from the new arrivals shows up here. I can scroll down to see more.











Over to the right, though, there’s a menu of the feeds to which I’ve subscribed, and if I want to see all the new stuff in one of these categories, I choose one of these.


No, the first and third items on this menu aren’t very descriptive, and I hope Feedly puts in some work on this. If I’m missing something, here, please comment.

I’m clicking on the third one, which I happen to know is the mystery feed.





A list of (in this case) 34 new mysteries opens up.

This is the Titles Only View. You can change that.

If I click on The Cleveland Connection by Les Roberts . . .


. . . that title opens up, with some cover art and choices to make. If I click on the title . . .



. . . I am taken to the library’s catalog, and can request the title.





Are you interested in having feeds sent to you? You can find Feedly at Do a Google search for “web aggregators” if you want to look at alternative readers.

Once you’ve created an account with Feedly or some other aggregator, come to our website and look for feeds of interest. On our homepage, for example, you’ll see the little orange RSS icon next to Reader’s Connection Blog, Kids’ Blog, Upcoming Events and News & Announcements.



And over to the right the orange icon is nestled with icons for Facebook and Twitter and others. If you click on that icon . . .




. . . or if you click at the bottom of the homepage where it says RSS . . .



. . . you’ll be taken to our biggest selection of RSS feeds. You can ask to be be sent lists of our newest materials (books or CDs or DVDs or whatever) or announcements of upcoming events at the library branch of your choice.


Let’s say you want to be informed about our newest biographies.






Right-click (or double-click on a Mac) on Newest Biographies.
A menu pops up, and if you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, select Copy link address.









If you’re browsing with Internet Explorer,select Copy Shortcut.
Every browser may have a different way of saying this. You’ll figure it out.





add_content_bio2When you’re ready to paste your URL, come over to Feedly and click, over to the left, where it says Add Content.

(If it doesn’t say Add Content anywhere, wave your selector over to the left, and the words will appear. Happened to me.)

Paste your URL into the field that opens up. When you see some encouraging words (in  this case, “IndyPL’s Newest Biog . . .”), click on the plus sign (+) to the right.





Further to the left, an ADD A NEW SOURCE column appears. I’ve been checking where it says Must Read, though I don’t know what it means.






add_greenScroll down and click on the green Add button.

We have added a subscription to our list!


5_feeds2Now there’s a new feed entitled “IndyPL’s Newest.” Isn’t that exciting? Again, if anyone knows how to improve this display, please comment.

I subscribed to my own blog, Reader’s Connection, while your backs were turned. Vanity, vanity.

I happen to know that the “IndyPL’s Newest” on the top is the new biography subscription, so I’ll click on that . . .


. . . and I’m taken to a list of ten new biographies.

There we are. A new RSS feed coming my way.

The letters stand for Really Simple Syndication.

If you have questions, leave comments.

Happy subscribing!





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  1. Great post. A lot of time and thought went into it.

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