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Being Elsewhere

February 18, 2013 by Reader's Connection

For better or worse, I spend a fair amount of time thinking about Elsewhere. Usually it involves a sunny, sandy beach with palm trees and a gentle ocean breeze.

Especially at this time of year, it is easy for one’s mind to wander toward warmer climates and different landscapes. I have a couple of books in mind that evoke thoughts of distant places – just the right thing for the dreariest of winter days.

My Favorite Place on EarthMy Favorite Place on Earth features stories of well-known people and the places that they love. For example, comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite place is a softball field in Central Park. Musician James Taylor prefers a spot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s favorite place is not actually on Earth at all… it is on the moon.

One’s favorite place need not be exotic – it could be your own backyard, or the First Turn at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or under the big oak tree at your cousin’s house where family picnics are an annual event. I haven’t yet decided about my own favorite place on Earth, but my ‘short list’ includes a beach, a baseball stadium, and a hillside in Brown County.

A Perfect DayIn the same sort-of fantasy realm, a travel book titled A Perfect Day offers agendas, restaurants, and local landmarks for visiting interesting places all over the globe. For example, if you had one day to spend in Sydney, Australia, you might visit Bondi Beach, take a Bridge Climb for a spectacular view of Sydney Harbor, and then head for Longrain Restaurant for some Asian-inspired cuisine.

Or, say, you happen to be in Miami, you might want to head to Collins Avenue for a nice Cuban coffee at David’s Café, browse through the shops on Lincoln Road, and then stop in for a messy lunch at 5 Napkin Grill.

It’s all wishful thinking, yes, but if kept in proportion, Elsewhere is not a bad place to be.

– posted by Susanne, with an assist by Tai Jah at the Pike Branch Library



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