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Case Histories

February 16, 2013 by Reader's Connection

Case Histories

I’m a blogging fool and I love this job, but it has its disadvantages. Right now, for example, I wish I didn’t have to hurry on to my next book for reviewing. I would like to reread Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories, and try to understand how she pulled it off.

The novel begins with three seemingly unrelated stories. There are two murders and a disappearance. Years later, these cold cases all come to the attention of private investigator Jackson Brodie, who for the most part wishes he could have been spared.

The novel’s primary focus is on families that are torn apart by tragedy, and there are fascinating revelations about various family members; but there’s also a lot of humor in the book. All right, you’ve caught me, I’m rereading passages, trying to figure out if what seems a like a big coincidence is really a coincidence, and how Jackson Brodie figures out that a certain character . . . Oh, wait, it’s not a coincidence, exactly, it’s  more like . . .

I don’t have time for this. Case Histories is also available as a downloadable ebook, and there’s a BBC/PBS television series which, judging by the description in our catalog, doesn’t stick too close to the novel.

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  1. Brigid Park says:

    How do authors write grippers like this…

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