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Free copies of Poetry Magazine in honor of National Poetry Month (and a repeat of Christian Wiman’s remembrance of Ruth Lilly)

February 13, 2013 by Reader's Connection

Did you know that it’s National Deadline Week? In my previous post, I alerted you to the March 22nd deadline for nominations for the Indiana Authors Awards.

Now I want you to know that Poetry Magazine, in order to celebrate National Poetry Month in April, will be giving out free copies. If you want to use them with a group, or give them to friends, you can order as many as ten. And you have until March 24th to order.

Click on the picture of Ezra Pound and order up.

Christian Wiman, the magazine’s editor, will be moving on at the end of June. I think he has been great, and I’ll use his departure as an excuse to link once again to the piece he wrote about Ruth Lilly in 2010. Other excuses: Rereading it, now, I was moved again; and there’s a 95% chance that you didn’t see the blogpost in which I originally put the link.

The Ezra Pound print is as always courtesy of the immortal (though in fact he’s aging) Adrian Stasiak.


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