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A Chinese Book Review by Lin

February 7, 2013 by Reader's Connection

ChineseNY2Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Snake begins this Sunday, February 10th.

My thanks go to Xiaolin Lin of the Lawrence Branch, who has written a review of one of our novels printed in Chinese text. The library also owns an English translation of the novel, and Lin has kindly translated her review into English.






Cries in the DrizzleCries in the Drizzle is Hua Yu’s first long novel. It’s his best work and among the top of all Chinese literature in the 20th century. A book about memory, it describes the growth of a young southern China youth, with his changing views toward death, jealousy and betrayal. Guanglin Sun is the protagonist interacting with his older family members. The book tells how his mother lived with disciplined humility, how his father had a longer life than he could bear, and how his three brothers parted ways. The book is a brave documentary about Chinese society from the ’60s to the ’80s. In those times, life was lacking in material and suppressed in spirit. In such a repressed society, people often resort to violence to vent fundamental desires. This book is, however, bittersweet. It reminds us of how dark clouds always give away to the bright sun.


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