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What is this stuff?

November 1, 2012 by Reader's Connection



If you don’t know what this is, then (a) you’ve probably never eaten any of it, and (b) you haven’t been keeping up with our two librarians, Ann Ricciardelli and Sailan Liang, as they blog during their October 21—November 18 Sister City visit to Hangzhou, China.




Many of Ann and Sailan’s posts have to do with different aspects of the Hangzhou Public Library–and there’s a glimpse of the Shanghai Lilbrary, where, to my amazement, card catalogs have been retained for those patrons who are uncomfortable with computers. That library has been circulating e-books since 2002, though, and here’s a 24-hour checkout and return station.

There are more general, non-library-related matters dealt with. Ann, for example, read up on ettiquette before going to China, and a number of things that she had read don’t seem to be true. She had heard repeatedly, though, that the Chinese are hospitable, and that has been borne out by the people she has met.

And then there are those things in the picture. They are food-forms, and if you haven’t figured them out, click on the tiny, unthreatening image to the left.


And don’t forget: Librarian Nicole James made her Sister City visit to Cologne, Germany from August 18 – September 8. She has returned to Indy, but her blog lives on, and will certainly be worth your visit. Lots of activity at the Cologne Public Library. And they eat food in Germany, too.



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