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I Came Back

October 8, 2012 by Reader's Connection

You Came Back

The second title on my ongoing list of gift suggestions was written by Christopher Coake, winner of this year’s Indiana Authors Award in the Emerging Authors category.  

You Came Back may or may not be a ghost story. The reader spends most of the novel wondering whether seven-year-old Brendan Fife has come back to haunt the house where he died in a tragic accident years earlier. His father Mark reacts with furious disbelief when first confronted with the story that Brendan has appeared and is asking for his dad.

But the book isn’t just for paranormal genre readers. Mark Fife is a website-worker in Columbus, Ohio, and the people who matter to him–his ex-wife Chloe (Brendan’s mom), and Allie, the woman he’s now dating, and his buddy Lew, and his father, a Butler professor–all populate a richly drawn “real world,” upon which the possible appearance of a ghost impinges in confusing ways.

It’s a very human story, and even if the Midwestern setting is a draw, with its trips to Indianapolis, and one jaunt to Michigan to visit a medium, I wouldn’t have stopped reading the book no matter where Mark had lived. I would have come back.


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