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I’m in a Hurry to Tell You about the Amazing Way that Boleto Ends . . .

August 14, 2012 by Reader's Connection

Boleto. . . but I’ll do the right thing and explain what goes on in the novel.

It’s a horse story. Will Testerman buys a filly with the idea of training and selling her. He begins the novel at his father’s Wyoming ranch, then takes the filly to a guest ranch in the Absaroka Mountains, where he spends a season as corral boss. Then he moves on to a ranch in California where horses are trained for polo, and where Will thinks his filly will bring him money.

I love the way Alyson Hagy describes the terrain of these different worlds, and their populations, from Will’s schoolteacher mom to the farrier (the horse-shoeing guy) at the dude ranch, who is scandalized that young Will hasn’t heard of Van Morrison. And I love the horses, and the way Will thinks about them.

With regard to the ending of Boleto , I have come to my senses and shall tell you nothing, except to say that Will is transformed. Or he remains true to himself in a way that I, with my wimpy expectations, didn’t see coming.

Peeking ahead will do you no good. What you read there won’t mean anything. Mount this horse at the beginning and take that ride.


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