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The Library’s YouTube Page

June 21, 2012 by Reader's Connection

If you scroll down on our new homepage to where the social networking icons live, and click on the YouTube icon, or where it says YouTube . . .

 . . . or, at the moment, if you click on the picture to the left . . .


. . . and you’ll be taken to the library’s YouTube page, where videos old and new await your viewing. 


  You can scroll down to see what-all is here . . .   















Or if you want to search the site–let’s say you think that there’s an interview with author Neil Gaiman in here somewhere–you can go to the upper right, where it says Search Channel.


(Note: If this search box doesn’t appear, click on the little picture of the Central Library at the upper left, and you should be in luck. That worked for me. But the search box should be there, without any provocation from you.)



Enter your search terms in the box and click on the magnifying glass . . .



. . . and see what you get. In this case, a couple of videos ready to run. 

I count interviews with or addresses by 26 different authors, and library staff speak out about patent searching, our digital collection, various items in the Indianapolis Special Collections Room, the ordering of e-books and more.

The information is changing all the time, of course. So stay tuned.




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