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I have failed to provide a post full of new baseball books, this season, but lucky for me,

June 12, 2012 by Reader's Connection

. . . Kay Smith at Spades Park Library has sent in a review of Harvey Araton’s Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and Baseball’s Greatest Gift. Which will do just fine, even if, as Kay says, the book is more about friendship than it is about baseball.                                                     

Driving Mr. YogiThis is a wonderful, fantastic book about friendship.  If you enjoy baseball, you will recognize a few of the names; if not, the names aren’t really important.  This story is about a friendship between Yogi Berra, who joined the Yankees in 1942, and Ron Guidry, who joined in 1975. 

Even with such an age difference, both were consummate ball players and each felt that the other (by being a Yankee) was part of his family.  In 1999 both men were asked to be coaches (Ron as pitcher and Yogi as catcher) during Yankee spring training.  Every spring since then they have met in Florida to continue their strong friendship and to welcome new people to the fold.  The ways and means of being friends are numerous.  Some are truly funny, some are sad and all are entertaining.  Ron’s dedication to helping Yogi as he gets older is heartwarming and is a guide that all people can follow.



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