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Your Last Chance to Name the Pulitzer Prize Winner!

May 9, 2012 by Reader's Connection

PymAs I was whining a few blogposts ago, nothing was awarded the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The New York Times is trying to make up for this by implementing a Great Pulitzer Do-Over. You have the opportunity to tell them what novel or book of stories should have won that unawarded prize.

Click here for the contest.

I may abstain, because two of my picks have already been named. Swamplandia, about which I did my whining, was one of the three nominees that failed to make the big Pulitzer cut, and Maureen Corrigan, one of the three judges who had nominated those books, wrote a ticked-off article in which she argued that any of the three was deserving.

And when I wrote about Mat Johnson’s Pym, back in February, I said that I hoped it would be at least nominated for the Pulitzer; but that novel has already been vouched for, as well. As part of their Pulitzer Do-Over, the NYT asked some critics for their opinions as to what books should have won, and Maud Newton wrote about Pym. I had never heard of Maud Newton, but I’m nevertheless thrilled to be so in sync with her.

The bad news: You only have until the end of today, Wednesday, May 9th, to tell the Times which book deserved the prize. Sorry to be so late with this, but I just found out about it. Get going now on your brief nomination–100 words is the suggested word length–and turn that nomination in, pronto.

Maybe I should nominate Clyde Edgerton’s The Night Train?

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  1. Julie Able says:

    I took your recommendation in February and read Pym, but only immediately after reading Poe’s novella The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. I laughed out loud while reading Mat Johnson’s book, which is unusual for me. I very much enjoyed reading the works as a pair. Thanks!

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