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I Saved Big Bucks in the Library Lobby!

April 10, 2012 by Reader's Connection

The Drowning GirlLast Thursday, I was scared out into the Library Services Center lobby by a dark fantasy paperback on my desk. I´ve done other posts about my inability to read horror fiction, so rather than dwelling on this most recent failure, I’ll just say that I wandered out to the book rack where used items, or donations that haven´t been added to the collection, are offered for sale.

There were mysteries and legal thrillers available, romances, bestsellers and classics, and horror novels from which I naturally averted my eyes. Four paperbacks really appealed to me. I hope to enjoy them and write blogposts about them, but for now I just want to gloat over the amount of money I saved. All the books were in good shape, and each was classified as a trade or oversize paperback.

 Here’s how things went: 



Roberto Bolano´s 2666

Priced at $18.00
I paid $1.00


Being Dead


Jim Crace´s Being Dead

Priced at $12.00
I paid $1.00


A Gate at the Stairs


Lorrie Moore´s A Gate at the Stairs

Priced at $15.00
I paid $1.00


The Golden Gate


Vikram Seth’s The Golden Gate

Priced at $14.95
I paid $1.00


The paperback prices add up to $59.95, so I saved $55.95. I was so excited. I wanted to go downtown and buy a meal somewhere.

You don’t have to come to the Library Services Center to check out our book rack. Here’s a list of the library branches that currently sell used books, and a price list, though not every branch carries all of the varieties listed. Happy browsing.



College Avenue



East 38th Street Library

East Washington

Flanner House

Fountain Square

Franklin Road







Spades Park




Adult Fiction Hardback 2.00
Adult Fiction Trade/ Oversize Paperback 1.00
Adult Fiction Pocket/ Mass Market Paperback   .50
Juvenile Fiction Hardback 1.00
Juvenile Fiction Paperback   .25
Teen Fiction Paperback   .25
Magazine   .10




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