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If You´re on the Downloadables Page, and This Help Button Isn´t There, Don´t Panic

February 20, 2012 by Reader's Connection


OverDrive, the company who manages our downloadables, has reorganized its help pages . This colorful button has vanished, but all of the information is still there.

The less eye-catching Help button near the top of the screen will take you where you need to go.



Once you’ve clicked that button, the offerings may look unfamiliar; but some of these graphic links lead to familiar territory.


The My Help button, for example, takes you where the old My Help button took you: to the What do you want to do? screen, which leads to downloading instructions for the device of your choice, as described here a couple of months ago.




You know where the Library Lending Policies link will take you . . .


. . . and the Device Resource Center tells you which devices can be used for which OverDrive content . . .




. . . and the Support button provides a link for contacting our Webmaster, a practice we’ve always encouraged.



But some of these Help links break new ground.



 I’m just beginning to look at The Digital Books Tour, for example.

helptabadviceThe Tour is a collection of videos, and for the moment I’ll offer one piece of advice. If you want to run one of them, right-click and select Open in New Tab or Open in New Window, and make sure your screen is maximized.

If you just click on the video title, you may be looking at a very small screen and missing some of the action. Such was my experience.




 And I have saved the first for last. At the top of the new help screen is OverDrive Help. Click there and enter a new world.


overdrivehelpThere’s a picture of a woman who seems to have laced her coffee with whiskey. Beneath her are videos that aren’t on the Digital Books Tour, new paths to information about handling different devices, “recent articles” and “popular articles.” Have a look at this page and see if you find it helpful.

As always, if nothing here answers your questions, contact the Webmaster. And remember that the library is offering classes on downloading at Central Library and some of the branches.



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