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Esther´s Inheritance (Book Review by IMCPL Patron)

January 21, 2009 by blog staff

Esther's Inheritance

Esther’s Inheritance, by Sandor Marai, translated from the Hungarian by George Szirtes

Esther’s Inheritance is Marai’s most recent work to be translated to English; previous works include the The Rebels and the much acclaimed Embers. Esther receives word that after more than two decades, she will be paid a visit by Lajos, her first and only love. The scene unfolds almost theatrically as the charmer Lajos and his entourage arrive.

Lajos is a scoundrel, and she knows it. What are his intentions, and why did the relationship never materialize? More than just a story of unrequited love, Marai leaves the reader to question initial impressions, as well as the broader definition of love.

I am amazed that such a concise novel can have such carefully crafted characters and such a powerful message. Luckily, dozens of Marai’s works have yet to be translated to English, promising many more compelling reads.

— Christopher


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