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Any Questions about Downloading Our E- and Audiobooks onto Your Devices?

November 10, 2011 by Reader's Connection

We are offering classes on how to download the library´s e-books and audiobooks onto a variety of gadgets–not all the gadgets in the world, but quite a few of them.

There are instructions on each downloadables page that you can reach from the Your Library @ Home page, but the process can still be counter-affirmative, and different devices work differently.

The classes are at Central Library, and the next one is scheduled for December 3rd. Click here for a schedule of the classes through March 2012, and click below to hear Librarian Matt Hannigan, one of the instructors, interviewed about what goes on in the class. (There´s probably no need to bring your device.)

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  1. Vanessa Dickerson says:

    This post about the e-book session in December was invaluable. I plan to attend. Thank you.

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