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Your Library @ Home? Whose Home? Where?

September 2, 2011 by Reader's Connection

homepageThere´s a new button on the left-hand side of our homepage:              

Your Library @ Home                        

The name may be a bit misleading, since you can use this feature at your office or in your car or at the mall; but we wanted to bring together a group of our website features and put them all on one “landing page.”  


Click on the button–this one to the left should really work–and you’re taken to page with three columns: Read, Listen & Explore.  


  The Read column gives you access to three different ebook sources–Overdrive, EBSCO, and Gutenberg. EBSCO previously appeared among our databases as NetLibrary, but NetLibrary books had to be read onlilne, and now these ebooks can be checked out. Overdrive’s ebooks have adjustable check-out periods, as do EBSCO’s, depending on your preference and occasionally on the publisher’s world-view. Gutenberg titles can be checked out forever.  


Even as I type this post, I’m listening to Bob Dylan sing “Black Crow Blues.” The house fan is running on high–the temp is supposed to hit 100 today–so Dylan’s catastrophic piano work is muted; but it’s still a treat. listen

 From where did this tune come? Freegal, that’s where! If you have one of our library cards, you can check out three tunes a week, and keep them forever. The search feature almost makes the Overdrive search look efficient, but you’ll probably be smarter about it than I am. 

And Freegal appears with Overdrive Audiobooks in the Listen column of Your Library @ Home



Now we leave the downloadable areas, and move on to Explore, which is such a treasure-trove that I had to shrink the picture down to fit it in this blog. Databases, our language lab, our digital library, and homework help & college help & adult & career help are gathered here. Some essential information–the languages available in the language lab, for example,and the contents of our digital library–can be found by clicking on the little round info buttons.   


We hope that this new page makes our online offerings easier for you to reach and sample. Our website is indeed a library branch that you can visit electronically from wherever you are. Happy e-librarying (I can’t think of a real verb that covers all the possible activities) and Happy Labor Day.


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