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Are You Ready to Jump-Start the Spring?

January 18, 2011 by Reader's Connection

Prairie Spring

If you´ve had enough of winter, perhaps you´re ready for Pete Dunne´s Prairie Spring: A Journey into the Heart of a Season. The book´s prologue has Dunne and his photo-snapping spouse in Colorado for Groundhog Day, but the book proper begins just west of Indianapolis on Interstate 74, as spring is about to kick in.


There are multitudes of sandhill cranes in Gibbon, Nebraska, a frightening storm in Pawnee Buttes, Colorado, and a host of other events to be enjoyed in this celebration of springtime in the grasslands.



Bayshore Summer
Dunne is a neighborly narrator, filling you in on the science and history behind, for example, the ongoing battle between ranchers and prairie dogs. If you enjoy his journey, and desire more non-winter reading, you might want to follow up with Bayshore Summer: Finding Eden in a Most Unlikely Place, which celebrates some little-visited wildlands in New Jersey.



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