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A Dozen Questions for Those Who Download

January 4, 2011 by Reader's Connection

Downloadables pagePlease answer our questions by leaving a comment. Thank you.

1.  Do you use the library’s Downloadables page primarily to find audiobooks? E-books? Both?

2.  Do you find the page easy to use? What could we do to make it easier?

3.  When on the Downloadables page, do you search for specific titles, or browse the library’s offerings?

Downloadables page4.  Do you access the page from the link on our homepage, or do you usually get there when you’ve found a  downloadable title in our catalog, and then clicked “Full text?”

5.  Would you like the library to offer more of any particular kind of e-book or audiobook? Nonfiction? Biography? Fiction? Mystery? Fantasy? Downloadables for teens or children? Others?

Yet another link that takes you to the Downloadables page. I need to think of some other place to send you.6.  What lending period do you usually select? 7 days? 14 days? 21 days? Do you change the period, depending on the book?

7.  How many titles do you usually check out at a time? Would you like to see the limit of titles increased? (I’m not saying we can do this. Just wondered if it would make a difference to you.)

8. Who’s your favorite author? Is your favorite author on paper the same as your favorite audiobook or e-book author? (No,we  don’t have any e-books or audiobooks by William Faulkner.  Is this a problem?)

Link to nowhere.
9.  Is your favorite character while reading on paper the same as your favorite e-character?

10. Where and when do you listen to audiobooks? Where and when do you read e-books?

11. How much time do you spend e-or-audio-reading in a day?

12. What other question should we have asked?

Thanks again!


  1. S. Salamone says:

    1. Yes, I do search for books to download
    2. Yes, easy to use
    3. Search for various books and authors.
    4. N/A
    5. Please offer more of all genres to download
    6. 21 days
    7. Dont know at this time
    8. Mystery authors & currents books on Top Ten list
    9. Yes
    10. At home and while traveling
    11. I read everyday. Still learning how to download audio but will use once I know how.

  2. Sheila Jared says:

    1. Yes audiobooks
    2. Yes
    3. Both
    4. Homepage
    5. I find it annoying that only certain books may be available in a series. Such as you might have books 2 and 3 of a trilogy, but not 1. I can understand not having the most recent, but some of the series only every other book is available.
    6. Depends on the length of the book and what I already have checked out.
    7. I usually have at least 6 checked out at a time. I try to keep 3 open for items that I have a hold request for, so I don’t lose the chance to download.
    8. I have favorite narrators (Johanna Parker, Isabel Keating, Kate Reading, Rosalyn Landor, and Martin Jarvis) and tend to search for them rather than actual authors. I have discovered a lot of good books by authors I have never heard of because of this.
    9. Not always.
    10. About ten hours a day, my job is physically active but not mentally stimulating, so I listen to audiobooks to entertain my thoughts, and keep my day from being mundane.
    11. Perhaps asking how we use the media? Do we listen/read on our computer, ipad, kindle, nook or mp3?

  3. Jim says:

    1. Audio. I usually get an e-book by accident, intending to get an audiobook.
    2. It’s clunky to browse. If I want a biography, for example, but not a specific one (which I would search for), there’s no further division. For example, sorting today by date added, one gets George Washington, Mickey Mantle, Condolezza Rice, Cleopatra, and Drew Brees on the first page, among others. It would be nice to have a “US History” or “Sports” sub-section so I’m browsing less than 150 books while narrowing my selection.
    3. Very rarely search, see above. When I do search, I’ve usually used another online resource I find easier to browse to narrow down to a specific book.
    4. From the homepage link.
    5. All of them! Since the change in hours, I haven’t been to my local branch, it’s closed when I’m not working. The website is my library!
    6. 21, but then if I find a few I will vary them so I don’t hit my limit and end up with nothing to listen to 2 weeks from now.
    7. 2-3, because of the limit. I would love to see it increase. Even at 7 days, I frequently find myself capped and have already listened to what I checked out before they “return” so I can check out more.
    8. I have enjoyed David Baldacci books, surprisingly. Mostly I listen to, and read, non-fiction so I’m not as attached to an author as I am attached to a subject.
    9. Not a lot of fiction, but I do have some readers I enjoy more than others, and have some books I prefer on paper because of it.
    10. At work and at bedtime.
    11. Sometimes none, usually an hour or two, sometimes all day.
    12. Other sources for research or recommendations, or books that aren’t electronically available through IMCPL.

  4. Stephanie B says:

    1. Yes, e-books
    2. Very easy.
    3. Both.
    4. Homepage
    5. All! Literary fiction and memoirs would be especially appreciated.
    6. It depends on the book, but usually 21.
    7. I average about 4 out at a time. The number increased would be nice, mostly because I can’t return things early.
    8. My favorite authors are Charles Bukowski and Pat Conroy. That’s pretty much the same whether paper or e- format.
    9. Yes
    10. Pretty much everywhere, though mostly at home.
    11. About 3 hours per day.

  5. Jane Cook says:

    3.Both, in addition I browse for titles available in mp3 format.
    4.I have the page saved as a favorite and go directly there when in need of an audiobook, or to see if you have a book I’m interested in.
    5.mp3 format (no particular genre, they all seem well-represented)
    6.I change depending on the book
    7.Four or more. Sometimes I’d like to be able to check out more than allowed, but the BIG improvement would be if one could check IN a book one is finished with, in order to check out another one (in other words, if one could change the lending period if one completed the book early)
    8.I have no one favorite. There have been authors I’d like to ‘hear’ that you don’t have, but I realize not all are available.
    9.No favorite
    10.I listen to audiobooks on my commute to/from work. I don’t read many ebooks.
    11. 3 hrs/day audio books
    12.I gave my opinion of improvement to check-out period in #7 – that’s it!

  6. April says:

    1. E-books
    2. yes
    3. Both
    4. Homepage
    5. More fiction titles. Please try to offer the ENTIRE series. It is frustrated when not all titles are available.
    6. Yes, I change the time period based on the book. I also take into account how much time I have to read the book.
    7. I usually check out 4 or more (it really depends on when books become available). It would be great if books could be returned early. Sometimes, a book becomes available but I can’t check it out because I already have the max, which I’ve finished, but can’t return.
    8. I have no real favorite.
    9. I have no real favorite.
    10.I don’t listen to many audiobooks, but when I do, I’m usually on long car drives. I read e-books everywhere, esp when I travel.
    11.At least 1 hour each day. Much more when traveling.
    12. No other questions, but just wanted to say that this is a great service. Thanks for offering it.

  7. NiceGuyMike says:

    1. Almost entirely ebooks.
    2. Mostly easy to use, but I would like if items from the wish list could be moved to holds or checkouts, and vice versa. Also, it would be nice to be able to specify a format when searching.
    3. Both, sort of. I look at what’s been returned recently and perhaps a title or two that I’ve heard of that interests me. And often look for print books with long hold lists on there.
    4. Always go through the link on the homepage.
    5. It would be great to have all titles to a series.
    6. I just leave it at 21 days for everything, and return early if I finish early.
    7. Although I usually check out one at a time, I usually have three or four at any given time. Not so much as increase number of titles — there’s only so much I can read at once — it would be nice to be able to renew titles instead of get them again from the recently-returned list.
    8. I don’t particularly have a favorite author. I usually check out books that aren’t available quickly in a print version or which are too weighty to carry around.
    9. I don’t have a particular favorite, but I do find myself more impatient with the ebook format, because I discovered that I tend to skip over the last paragraph. I didn’t realize how often I page around in the book in print.
    10. I have tried audiobooks a few times, but don’t like them. I usually read ebooks when I’m on trips, while I’m exercising, and right before I fall asleep.
    11. I don’t e-read every day, but I usually go for several hours when I do.
    12. Maybe just a space for rants and raves, LOL. I love the convenience, though.

  8. Janine says:

    1. Both. I prefer ebooks, but I also listen to the occasional audiobook with my son.
    2. Yes. A feature I could really use would be customizable lists on the Wish List page, so that it would be more manageable.
    3. Both.
    4. Homepage is on my favorites bar.
    5. My first request would be for series currently in the collection to be completed; *many* series I’ve read are only partly offered in ebook format. Also, there are several popular authors available only in audiobook form, but not at all in ebook. Otherwise, I read mostly fiction–sometimes literary fiction, but more often urban fantasy, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror and paranormal romance. So, more of those would be excellent.
    6. Usually 21 days. I return ebooks as soon as I’ve finished, using Adobe Digital Edition’s Return Borrowed Item option.
    7. It varies; usually around 3-5, sometimes more. I think 9 is sufficient, but I do wish I could suspend hold requests, so that I’m at the top of the queue when I’m ready for them. Granted, I will still have to wait when there are only one or two copies of a title available for download, compared to the relatively short wait I have with regular library books. Perhaps if/as more copies of existing titles are added, this might be a possibility?
    8. Sorry, that’s like picking my favorite child…can’t do it. 😉
    9. Why would that make a difference?
    10. Audiobooks at home; ebooks at home and whenever/wherever I can.
    11. Too much time…several hours per day, every day.
    12. Hmmm…don’t know, but I have a question: Is it possible to suggest downloadable media for purchase, using the Suggest for Purchase link on my Account Overview page on the main IMCPL site?

    Earlier Sheila mentioned you might ask how we use the media. An excellent question. I bought a nook specifically because I can read library ebooks on it. And I read on my netbook occasionally.

    I also *love* that the library is now offering its patrons the convenience of downloadable digital media. 🙂

  9. Laura says:

    1. Audiobooks

    2. Fairly easy to use, though more specific sub-categories would be nice.

    3. Usually specific titles, but occasionally browsing

    4. From the homepage (also a favorite on my mobile browser)

    5. More mp3 format, as DRM-WMA is not available on Android or some other OSs (stupid DRM paranoia).

    6. Usually 7 days, but this is dependent on the book.

    7. Since we can’t “return” the books as soon as they’re finished, it’d be nice to have a higher limit, so that we’re not done with books but unable to check out more.

    8. I listen to young adult books more as audiobooks because they are very accessible in that format. I tend to read adult fiction more often because I can skim any squicky parts or obligatory irrelevant sex scenes. NARRATOR MATTERS; I hate the audio versions of even a few favorite novels due to its awful voice.

    9. I don’t usually cross media within a series, so no.

    10. Audiobooks are in the car or if I’m doing long hand projects; I use e-books less often, but occasionally on my mobile.

    11. Today I’m on a road trip, so about 10 hours of audio! Usually less.

  10. Matt says:

    1. I use the downloadable page to get audiobooks and eBooks, but prefer eBooks.
    2. Easy to use – would be easier to find if called ‘eBooks’ or ‘audiobooks’ instead of downloadables. Would also like sub-categories for eBooks. It’s hard to distinguish audiobooks and eBooks.
    3. I browse for eBooks because my searched books are rarely available in eBook format on the downloadables page.
    4. Access it through the link on homepage or Overdrive app on iPod Touch (but I wish eBooks were available through the app).
    5. More mystery, fiction, biography, and children’s eBooks would be great!
    6. I always select 21 days.
    7. I typically get 1 eBook at a time and 2 audiobooks at a time.
    8. Matthew Pearl is my favorite author.
    9. My favorite character (Sherlock Holmes) comes to life even more with eBooks.
    10. Audiobooks – mostly on my iPod Touch (whenever/wherever). eBooks – mostly on my personal laptop at home (wish I could access the books on my iPod Touch).
    11. e-reading – 1-2 hours daily / audiobooks – 30 min. or less
    12. Great questions. I can’t think of any that weren’t covered. I just wish I could read the eBooks from the library on a mobile device. Otherwise, I’m glad the service is available!

  11. Amy says:

    2)Now that the collection is larger, it’s harder to browse catagories. I have to search the library catalog and then go back to the downloadables page. Better subject headings and descriptions would help.
    3)See 2
    4)Hompage, but the link is tiny and buried.
    5)So far, I’ve always been able to find what I want.
    7)One or two.
    8)I don’t really care about format. Often, I have the same book in multiple formats so I can pick it up wherever I am. The only thing that affects format is if I don’t like the reader of an audio title.
    9)See 8
    10)Audio–on my commute E-Book–at home
    11)Audio–60-90 minutes (includes CD format, also) E-book–depends. I don’t use these as frequently because they only work on my laptop, not my phone. If I upgrade devices this would change, I expect.

  12. Brianne Nelson says:

    1. Both
    2. Yes, it is easy
    3. Search for specific titles
    4. I access it directly by typing in the URL. Sometimes, I access it through IMCPL’s website.
    5. Fiction, mystery, teens and childrens
    6. 14 days
    7. One to two
    8. That is a hard question to answer. Next.
    9. Sure
    10. At home.
    11. 3-4 hours a day

  13. J Pribble says:

    1. Both
    2. Yes. The advanced searches capability is very nice.
    3. Both
    4. From the homepage almost exclusively
    5. Nice selection of fiction. I don’t read non-fiction, so I can’t comment.
    6. 7 days. I would like the option to return a book as soon as I have finished it, especially the popular “hold” titles. Seems a waste to keep them out of circulation for any extra lenghth of time.
    7. One at a time, but I may read upwards of 3 a day. (stay-at-home)
    8. Yes, although I have found some types of fiction do not translate well into audio. Very few, but some of the more humorous seem to read better than being heard.
    9. Yes
    10. At home on the computer. This is especially nice for me as the print of the e-books is enlarged.
    11. If I’m not reading an e-book, I’m usually listening to an audiobook as I do other things. I’m home-bound disabled and I have found this service to be a life-saver, or at least a mental-saver. I don’t have a TV (a choice) and these books and access to them fill my day.

  14. sharon west says:

    1 audio books
    2 just to browse it’s pretty easy, but to find something particular in a certain format can be very time consuming
    3 both, but mostly just browse to see whats there, which is frustrating sometimes because you’ll find a book you really want to listen too and it won’t be in the format you need
    4 link on homepage. didn’t know about “full text”
    5 yes fiction, fantasy,,,, but audio is the way of the future and i think you should add any kind as much as possible
    6 mainly 21 because it’s to hard to change it all the time, but there should be away to return them if your done early.
    7 i’m at my limit quite often, i’ll check out a book on 21 days and have it done in 2 or 3 days,sometimes 1 day. so it just sits in my account. sometimes need to be able to return early to go on to another book. i’m never sure how many hour i can devote to it, sometimes 8 to 10 sometimes only 1 so sometimes i’m at the limit of books i’m done with.and can’t return till they expire. it would be nice if the limit was raised. it’s 50 at the library. why so few on can’t tear them up or loose them.or forget to return them
    8 patricia briggs. don’t have time to sit and read a book, but can listen almost anywhere, faulkner is not a problem but i have some authors that i would listen too, but you don’t have them although they are for sale as audio like lisa shearin, you can buy on audible.
    9 don’t read regular books, if it’s not on audio i don’t get to listen to it.
    10 i listen to audio books almost anywhere especially work. physical but boring. and i can listen at home when doing laundry,dishes,yard work etc.i don’t use ebooks
    11 anywhere from 0 to 12 hours never know. but i go thru alot of books
    12 FORMATS!!!!!!!!! my i pod touch will not play wma’s and most of your books are wma especially the good ones so i can’t use them

  15. Denise says:

    1. Mostly audio books but I also get e books if the wait
    time is less than for the actual book or getting it on
    2. It’s pretty easy, but lately there have been problems,
    which may be due to the increase in use. Usually works
    better via Explorer.
    3. I usually have a specific title in mind but I also
    browse to see what is offered.
    4. From the homepage link.
    5. More titles by Black authors and series titles in the
    same format.
    6. 21 days
    7. It depends on if what I’m looking for is available. I
    currently have 7 checked out and am on waiting for 5.
    If more are checked out at one time, that will increase
    the wait time.
    8. I like expanding my reading interests and discovering
    different authors and genres.
    10. I listen during down time at work, when I don’t want to
    watch tv but am doing something else (like working out
    or knitting) and while driving.
    I read while I’m waiting – appointments, class breaks,
    11. It ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
    12. It might have been interesting to know the different
    devices that patrons are using.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to “return” a title
    if it’s finished before the expiration date allowing
    users to be able to check out something else sooner.

  16. Christy says:

    1. Ebooks for my nook color

    2. Yes, the page is easy to navigate

    3. I do both. I will search for a specific title or I will browse. Sometimes I will search for a specific title, not to find it, but then I will go over to the traditional catalog and find it there and then link to the ebook version of the book. It seems like most of the ebooks are listed in the downloadables section, but not all of them.

    4. From the download link. I never noticed the full text link before.

    5. I am more of the romance person or “romantica” genre. I have found that some running series have some books published in ebook format and then some of the early books of the series I have to get in paperback version since it is not in ebook format yet. I would like to see more books in electronic form. I am not a fan of children’s books on ebook format just so the child can choose a book up from the bookshelf or the floor and flip at it through their will or desire. They don’t have to worry about the battery dying, spilling liquids on the ereader, loosing it etc.

    6. 21 days, no I usually always check an ebook out for 21 days since my schedule frequently changes. I would love it if we could renew the lending period like we can with an actual paperbook.

    7. I usually only check out 1 or 2 titles at a time. I am sure there are those that are able to read more than I am who would want more than a 9 book max.

    8. Don’t really have a favorite author. I do like Opal Carew, Maya Banks, Lora Leigh. I don’t see a difference with the ebook author vs the paper author.

    9. Yes, words are words. This question repeats itself from number 8.

    10. Ebooks I read when I am at home before bed. I do not listen to audiobooks. I would tune them out.

    11. As much as my schedule allows. Some days none. Other days up to 2 hours.

    12. Ask what platform they are using (Nook, Nook Color, Sony, etc).

    Thanks so much for offering this to us!!! I hope that the ecollection will be expanded in the near future!!!

    p.s. Why aren’t ebooks immediatley available for checkout? I recently requested a book. From what I saw I was the only patron interested in it, but it took >12hours for it to become available to me to download it. Is there a way the website can show you how many days are left in the current patron’s lending period (since we can’t renew) and what hold position we are in?

    Thanks !!!

  17. TCupp says:

    1. Only audio books
    2. It could definitely use refining but does the job.
    3. I both browse and search.
    4. I use the link most of time.
    5. I honestly use it for many types of audio books, children’s, fiction, fantasy, non-fiction. What ever peaks my interest at time that I am in need.
    6. 21 days to insure my use.
    7. Usually 1-2
    8. It truly depends on the day and my mood.
    9. No, the books that I really am excited about prove more enjoyable if I read them. It allows me to pace as I see fit.
    10. I only listen to audio books as I am walking at the park for exercise. I do this almost daily for about an hour.
    11. About an hour.
    12.Would you like to see an even larger collection since it would require no extra book shelf space. Yes, please. I would like to see this collection increase 100 fold in the coming months.

  18. Kobajo says:

    1. Do you use the library’s Downloadables page primarily to find audiobooks? E-books? Both?
    I have used both, but I primarily use ebooks for my Nook ereader.

    2. Do you find the page easy to use? What could we do to make it easier?
    I’d like to have an easier way to find the New York Times Bestsellers or New Releases without having to go through the entire list of books in the database. I generally don’t always know what book I want to read and typically find something by browsing.

    3. When on the Downloadables page, do you search for specific titles, or browse the library’s offerings?
    I browse the library’s offerings often.

    4. Do you access the page from the link on our homepage, or do you usually get there when you’ve found a downloadable title in our catalog, and then clicked “Full text?”
    I have done both. I usually use the downloads link because I typically browse all titles and don’t always know specifically a book I want to read.

    5. Would you like the library to offer more of any particular kind of e-book or audiobook? Nonfiction? Biography? Fiction? Mystery? Fantasy? Downloadables for teens or children? Others?
    As I’d previously answered, it would be nice to have a place to click for all books on the NY Times Bestsellers list, New Releases, or even an area for Most Popular.

    6. What lending period do you usually select? 7 days? 14 days? 21 days? Do you change the period, depending on the book?
    I always select 21 days. I will click to return it if I’m done before.

    7. How many titles do you usually check out at a time? Would you like to see the limit of titles increased? (I’m not saying we can do this. Just wondered if it would make a difference to you.)
    I generally check out 1 title at a time. If my husband would utilize the Nook with the library that might increase to 2 but right now he’s still working on his books he got for Christmas.

    8. Who’s your favorite author? Is your favorite author on paper the same as your favorite audiobook or e-book author? (No,we don’t have any e-books or audiobooks by William Faulkner. Is this a problem?)
    My favorite author is Jacqueline Susann. I don’t know who William Faulkner is- apparently that’s not a problem for me. If I want to read something that you don’t have in ebook, I will just do it the old fashioned way and pick it up from the library.

    9. Is your favorite character while reading on paper the same as your favorite e-character?
    I don’t find a difference in stories as paper or e-ink. E-ink is just more convenient and I like having instant reading material without the trip to the library.

    10. Where and when do you listen to audiobooks? Where and when do you read e-books?
    I have listened to audiobooks on long trips. I’ve taken drives to North Carolina which can be a 12 hour trip. I will read my ebooks anytime- usually before I go to bed.

    11. How much time do you spend e-or-audio-reading in a day? When I find a good book I will spend several hours a night.

    12. What other question should we have asked?
    I agree with everyone else as the what type of ereader device do you use? I use a Nook.

  19. Christina V says:

    1. Mainly audiobooks
    2. Yes, very easy to use
    3. Both. Either search specific or use Advanced Search to browse specific genres
    4. Link from homepage
    5. More YA fiction. Also, if possible, more audiobooks for Apple devices and computers.
    6. Typically 14 day but depends on material. It would be nice if you could return audiobooks early like you can with e-books.
    7. 3-5
    8. Favorite audiobook author is Neil Gaiman because he narrates his own stuff. Don’t have a favorite author on paper or e-book.
    9. Don’t really have a specific favorite character.
    10. In the car, while doing errands, around the house, at work.
    11. 2-3 hours
    12. “What devices/system do you use?” I use an iPad and not all titles are Mac compatible.

  20. Angel says:

    1. Both
    2. Yes it is easy to use.
    3. Both
    4. So far I have not figured out how to get there from the main catalog.
    5. I would love more fiction for mp3.
    6. It depends on the book.
    7. 4 on average
    8. Shakespeare
    9. Yes
    10. I listen in my car with my phone hooked up to the stereo. Ebooks are read anytime I have to wait somewhere.
    11. 1 hr
    12. Comments? I am so glad that oberon is now supporting the ebooks on cell phones!

  21. jackie Murawski says:

    I do download audio books but not ebooks. Nothing unfortuately is compatible with a kindle. That alone makes everything else a moot pint.

  22. Caroline says:

    1. Both
    2. No. Allow exact match.
    3. specific titles
    4. from the catalog
    Science fiction / popular science / Fantasy / Foreign language (German, Spanish, French)
    6. I didn’t know you could select a checkout period. NOw that I do, I would pick 21 days. It would be nice if an item could be “returned” early, too.
    7. Two to three
    8. Dead – Douglas Adams.
    ALive – John Crowley
    9. I don’t understand this question. Why would it make a difference?
    10. At home, while I am knitting, spinning or relaxing. Also I fall asleep to audiobooks (think – having someone to read a bedtime story for me.)
    11. Three to four hours (I have audiobooks going while I work around the house)
    12. Can’t think of anything at the moment.

  23. mike says:

    1. e-books
    2. it is very easy once you get the hang of it
    3. I typically browse. If I am searching, it is typically by author or genre
    4. I access via the link on the home page
    5. I would like the library to offer more e-books. Primarily in the fiction/mystery genre. The collection seems to be VERY heavy on romance books – I realize they appeal to some, but the collection seems to be heavily skewed to this genre. Additionally, it would be good to see the collection grow in the area of gay fiction – or have a gay section under downloadables.
    6. I select 21 days most of the time; about 10% of the time, I’ll select 14 days

    7. I typically check out 1 or 2 titles at a time. I’m ok with the number of titles in total that can be checked out.

    8. I have a number of favorites — primarily best selling fiction/mystery authors (Meltzer; Grafton; etc); and gay fiction authors (Maupin; Chris Rice; Michael Thomas Ford; etc). Your selection of many of my favorite author’s books is limited.

    9. Yes

    10. I read e-books daily in bed before going to sleep at night; and outside by the pool.
    11. 1-2 hours
    12. none — it is great to be able to check out online – would love for your collection to increase in the above mentioned areas. You are doing a great job…..

  24. Michelle B. says:

    1. Audiobooks
    2. Page is easy, however, search feature could be more robust.
    3. Specific titles
    4. Link from homepage
    5. I read a wide spectrum of books but would like to see more nonfiction, particularly business and economics.
    6. 14 days. I increase the period for longer books and decrease for shorter books.
    7. 4 titles on average. With the shorter checkout periods I think that the current check out limit is fine.
    8. Favorite author is Stephen King. I love his books whether they are printed or read for me.
    9. No, I have not read my favorite e-character.
    10. I listen while commuting, while doing housework, while working out and while completing routine tasks at work.
    11. 4 hours
    12. What book(s) would I like to see available as an audio or e-book?: All of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.

  25. Charline Avey says:

    1. Audiobooks
    2. Page is easy, it would be great if spell checker was used
    3. Mostly search by author. To get other books by the author I haven’t read.
    4. Link from home page
    5. More self-help and business titles would be great.
    6. I generally pick 21 day
    7. I generally get 2 at a time.
    8. Balducci
    9. I almost never read, I listen
    10. I listen in the car, gym around the house while doing chores.
    11. 1-2 hours
    12. What do you do if you can’t get a book from our system? What other downloadable source do you use? I pay for
    Would you like to be able to return ebooks, audible books early? Yes
    Would you like us to have a place to suggest books to get? Yes
    Would you like to have us keep a list of books you have downloaded?
    Would you like to be able to download a list of books you have downloaded?
    How long have you been downloading books?

  26. Caroline says:

    1. E-books
    2. Fairly easy to use, except that it’d be nice to return to the page I left when putting a book in the cart. I have to start all over again from page 1 to browse through the results.
    3. I first search for books I want, but not many of the books I want are available yet, so I tend to browse the most popular books in general fiction and non-fiction.
    4. I have bookmarked the download page and go directly to it.
    5. I would like to see more popular non-fiction books and some YA.
    6. I go for the 21 days, and I always try to “return” the book when I finish so others can read it too.
    7. I believe the most I’ve checked out so far is three at a time. I don’t really think the limit needs to be raised-it’s already pretty high.
    8. I don’t have a particular favorite at the moment. Not having Faulkner has been okay until you mentioned him and now I’m curious!
    9. I like how this question is phrased. I was worried that reading in digital format might lessen the experience, but it really hasn’t and I’ve been reading so much more than I used to because it’s so easy to carry around several books at once in a ereader.
    10. I read ebooks everywhere! At home in my bed, in the car, in lines, waiting room etc.
    11. Depending on the day I can read anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours a day.
    12. What device? Sony reader
    Does the library need more choices besides romance? yes
    (I understand these are extremely popular, but I’m not much of a fan-yet)
    Thanks for the opportunity to give some feedback-I’ve been wanting to let the library know I really enjoy the e-books and wish there were more choices.

  27. Bev says:

    1. Audiobooks
    2.Fairly easy, but the sort feature is ambiguous. When I am looking for the newest audiobooks, it’s unclear whether I get the best results sorting by “release date” or “date added to site.”
    3. Sometimes I browse and sometimes I search. But when I search, I might search a particular author, and instead of getting only the the books by Michael Connelly, I get all the books by authors named Michael. After I search, then find a title to put on hold, I am unable t return to my place within the search results, and have tostart over, which i sfrustgration.
    4. Home page
    5. More fiction, especially bestsellers, both older and new.
    6. Usually 14 days, but sometimes 21 if I have a couple already checked out.
    7. I think the limit is plenty high. I rarely check out more than three.
    8. Michael Connelly is my favorite author, but with audiobooks I also have my favorite narrators too. The first narrator I ever listened to was Jim Dale, on the Harry Potter CD’s. Last week I searched for them as an audiobook and found no Harry Potter audiobooks. Why is this?
    9. I don’t read e-books, only audio, but my favorite characters remain the same.
    10. I listen in my car, while doing housework, and while relaxing playing solitaire on my computer. I don’t mind traffic jams anymore!
    11. Varies wildly depending on my schedule and how good the book is.
    12. I wish there was a way to request that the library start carrying a particular book. Also there is no way to put in a hold request for a book that is not yet published. Often publishers tell when a particular book will be published, and it would be good to get your name on the hold list to get the newest releases.
    Thanks for asking my opinion. I absolutely love my audio books! I read so much more now than I ever had time for before audio.

  28. Rhonda says:

    1. E-Books
    2. Easy to use but while paging forward it always stops me from browsing at about 700th-800th book and says it can’t show the next page. So I’ve never been able to see all of the e-book we have to look at.
    3. Both
    4. I use the link on the home page mostly. If I see something on the home page that catches my eye I may click the e-book first.
    5. We have a great selection/mix. My only wish would be if we could get more “hardbacks”. Having said that I Always find a great book to read and love never having to wait or worry about returning.
    6. Depends on the book and how many I already have checked out.
    7. Depends on what selections I find and the current limit is great.
    8. My favorite author, well I have a few. I love to read! What I can’t find in e-book form I come straight to the source and get from the library. You guy’s have never let me down!
    9. Yes!
    10. I don’t listen to audio books they make me sleepy. Lol. I read e-books everywhere and 2 people have bought readers or downloaded to their smartphone to check out books because they’ve seen me reading from the library and not having to purchase e-books.
    11. 60 min. Or more a day! Better than tv any time.
    12. I would have asked- “What do you read or listen with/to your downloadables on?”
    I have a Sony Pocket Edition and a smartphone. I can get a book at home and download via computer or instantly on my phone. I’m considering upgrading to a 3G/wifi reader.

  29. J Carter says:

    1. e-books
    2. It’s fine to use.
    3. Search both by title and browse
    4. I go directly to ‘downloadables’
    5. Not sure of specifics, but the more e-books the better
    6. 7 days
    7. 2 or 3
    8. Grisham is one, but I try not to overload on any particular author
    9. yes
    10 I read ebooks at while eating lunch, at home in the evening, or whenever I have some free time.
    11. 2 hrs a day
    12. How about exploring ways to make it easier to find books that I might enjoy? As an adult male, its difficult. Online book sellers go to much greater lengths by providing categories (NY Times best sellers, best selling e-books, etc.). If, for example, I browse the fiction (sorted by popular) I will need to weed through the romance novels. I always seem to need to do a lot of research work on my own to come up with something.

  30. Deanna says:

    1. E-books
    2. Its easy to use but could use refining – more categories.
    3. I search specific titles and authors.
    4. I have the downloadables page bookmarked.
    5. I would like more of everything.
    6. 21 days. No.
    7. It depends on if you have the ebook I am looking for which lately you have not.
    8. I have to many favorite authors and no it isn’t different from paper to ebook.
    9. Yes
    10. I read ebooks when and where I would read paper books – Any downtime that I have – I carry my kobo in my purse.
    11. 30 mins – 4hours
    12. I guess its not a question but a suggestion. I agree Bev – I would really like to be able to request books for you to carry especially since it seems that ebooks that I want you already have the audio book of it. I understand that you cannot carry every title that I want but it would nice if you could carry some of them.

  31. Julie Morgan says:

    1. E-books
    2. It is easy to use, but I would like to go back to the page I was on after I add an item to the cart.
    3. I usually search specific authors and titles, but sometimes just browse. There are too many titles to realistically browse all the titles, though.
    4.Access page from home page. I wish it would allow me to be logged in when I log in at the library site and move to downloadables. I have to relog in to do downloadables.
    5.More mystery, fantasy, fiction, teen, childrens.
    6. 21 days, no, I don’t change the times, but I do sometimes turn books in early.
    7. 9 is pretty good, but I wouldn’t complain if you added more
    8. Favorite authors are the same in print and e-book. No, Faulkner is not a problem.
    9. Yes
    10. I read e-books wherever and whenever. All the time when I am not at work.
    11. 4 hours or more each day
    12. I would like to be able to suggest e-books for the library to purchase. Thank you for having this option. I hope the list expands even more.

    By the way, the reason you can’t get the library books for a kindle is because of the provider of the kindle, not the library. They keep their e-books proprietary and don’t accept any other formats.

  32. Harmony says:

    1)I only use it for ebooks
    2)The page seems fairly easy to use, although I often get extraneous search results when I’m looking for something specific. Often, I can’t figure out what the correlation is between what I searched and what was brought up.
    3) Both
    4) I access the link on the homepage
    5) More biographies, more history, more sci-fi and more romance
    6) Whatever comes up automatically
    7) Not more than two or three at a time. I feel bad, because unlike a paper copy, of which there may be multiple copies in the library system, only one of us can use an ebook at a time. If I check out a bunch, then someone else is missing out.
    8) Jane Austen, and it’s the same in both formats.
    10) I read all the time. Pretty much whenever I’m not required to be doing something else, and that’s what I love about ebooks. My ereader is so much easier to carry along than an actual book, and I never have to worry about running out of stuff to read!
    11) I spend at least four or five hours a day reading.

  33. Mary says:

    1. I only use it for e-books.
    2. it’s very easy to use. I cannot think of anything to help improve it.
    3. I usually am looking for something specific, but occasionally I just browse.
    4. From the link on the homepage.
    5. I would like to see more romance; especially older ones that may have been in a series.
    6. Usually 14 days. I only change if I have something else that might come up and cost me reading time.
    7. I only check out one at a time. I figure that’s all I can read at one time, and since I can access it from home, at any time, one is sufficient at a time.
    8. It is a toss-up between Debbie Macomber and Fern Michaels, right now. It’s the same either way.
    9. Yes.
    10. I only use e-books, and I always have it with me. I read while standing in line at the grocery, in waiting rooms, the license branch. This was my practice with books, and I still do it. Anywhere I can read a little, I do.
    11. At least 4-5 hours a day. Most of my reading is done after I go to bed at night, and then I generally cannot put it down.
    12. The only suggestions I have is to offer as many titles as possible, even in duplicate; I also agree with others about what type of device should be shown, accessibility and return times should be worked on (I know this is a free service, but if it is available quickly if you purchase, then can’t the speed be fixed within the library system?), and I, too, would like to see the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich offered.

    I would also like to say thanks for offering this service. I truly do appreciate it. I am a disabled person, and it makes my life a little easier not having to drag books back and forth to the library.

  34. Kaice says:

    1. Both
    2. Yes, the mobile version search function could be improved to better match the advanced search available on a computer.
    3. I would browse more often if you could search by genre and limit the results to only those with copies available. I usually search by author.
    4. I have the downloadables website bookmarked and go directly there.
    5. It has a very good selection in my opinion.
    6. I usually choose 7 days.
    7. I usually check out two-three at a time. I don’t think the limit needs to be increased.
    8. Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Mertz. Yes
    9. Yes.
    10. I listen to audiobooks in the car and while cooking or cleaning. I read e-books when I’m waiting for something (food, appointment, etc.) or just relaxing at home.
    11. A few hours
    12. ?

  35. Dayna Masih says:

    1. I primarily use it for audiobooks.
    2. I tend to use the standard catalog because I’m used to it. I find the Overdrive site easy to use.
    3I’m always looking for new books to listen to, so I do both. I usually start looking for specific titles based on friend or online list recommendations (New York Times, Rosewater etc.)
    I usually use your catalog and then click on full text.
    5. I love fantasy for teens! I’m a middle school teacher, and I love to listen to new books in the car!
    6. I always pick the 21 days to make sure I have enough time.
    7. I don’t usually have more than 3 checked out…. That’s perfect for me because I can have books students are reading at school along with books I’m listening to. I’ve never hit the limit, so I wouldn’t need it increased.
    8. I love Scott Westerfeld! I have never read a book by him that I didn’t love! He is my favorite author in books, e-books, and audiobooks. I love the current books for my own reading, but classic texts are nice for using in the classroom. We listened to Lord of the Flies this year in class.
    9. Yes, although I love the voices that come with audiobooks!
    10. I most listen to them in the car to and from work, but I also listen to audiobooks at home while cleaning up around the house. I only use e-books when I’m searching for a research text. I don’t like to read on the computer for pleasure.
    11. About an hour… ½ hr each way to work.
    12. Hmm…good questions already. Thanks for asking! I rave to others about the downloadable audiobooks and really appreciate it!

  36. Melody Schlegel says:

    1. Both.
    2. Yes.
    3. Both.
    4. Link on homepage.
    5. More non-fiction, but I’ve noticed the IMCPL already has a very large collection compared to other large metropolitan library systems. I feel very lucky to have free access to such a broad selection.
    6. Usually 7 days, so that the title becomes available to other patrons as soon as possible. I hate to wait for a title, and so I try not to prevent someone else from enjoying it.
    7. I usually have no more than 2 or 3 titles checked out at once (see #6), but if I’m going out of town for a while I will make sure I’m fully loaded. 🙂
    8. That is like choosing your favorite child. Can’t do it. My tastes are varied, and the format doesn’t affect that.
    9. Still can’t do it. See #8.
    10. Audio books – while in the car or while doing something else with my hands (cleaning, sewing, cooking, etc.) that would make it impossible to read a physical book.
    E-books – Anytime I would normally read a paper book, so anywhere that involves an extended period of waiting such as at solitary meals, at home in a comfy spot, and in bed before I go to sleep.
    11. It varies. I would say the minimum is around 2 hours per day, probably averages around 4 hours per day, but some days it is way more than that (those are GOOD days – lol).
    12. I think it might be handy for you to know what devices we are downloading to. I download audio books to my phone and e-books to my Nook Color.
    Thank you for offering such a great selection of electronic media, and thanks for asking us what we think! I’ve already warned my husband that if we ever moved out of Indy I would pay the annual fee to IMCPL so that I could continue to have access, and consider it money well-spent. 🙂

  37. Jeff Line says:

    1. Almost exclusively audiobooks
    2.Not great, but fairly easy, especially if use advanced search functionality.
    3.Titles or authors, browse is too slow as much as I would occasionally just like to look around.
    4. Link from home page. I would have guessed that audiobooks don’t show in catalog searches. Am I wrong?
    5. Much more nonfiction.
    6. 7, if I think to change it, since once on mp3 player it doesn’t expire.
    7. One or two, limit is not a problem for me.
    8.I don’t really have one. Although not great literature, loved the audio versions of Harry Potter. Great readers.
    9.Almost certainly wouldn’t be, but can’t really name one.
    10. Listen to audiobooks exclusively in my car. Rarely read e-books, but on my Ipad is most likely.
    11. 1 hour on commute on average.
    12. Pretty good list of questions.

  38. Luann Clark says:

    1. Audiobooks
    2. I’d like to be able to search/browse what’s available. Searching the entire collection is nice, but sometimes you really only want to see what is available.
    3. Both – sometimes I use Audible or Amazon to find similar authors when looking for something new to listen to.
    4. Both
    5. Audio – (less romance) more mysteries, science fiction/fantasy.
    6. 7 days, sometimes more depending on the length.
    7. Usually 9, and sometimes I wish it were more.
    8. Orson Scott Card. But with audio books, the narrator is sometimes more important than the author. I’ll listen to almost anything narrated by Richard Ferrone, Scott Brick, or Davina Porter.
    9. Sometimes, my patience for reading fiction has waned (probably impacted by listening to audio).
    10. Audiobooks – anywhere, anytime. E-books – I’m still trying to get used to them.l
    11. Audio-reading – 2 to 10 hours. It usually depends on how good the book is.
    12. Borrowed from other commenters (they were good!)
    What do you do if you can’t get a book from our system? Borrow book on CD, or possibly purchase from
    Would you like to be able to return ebooks, audible books early? Yes, but realize the DRM must be an issue, it’s not as bad being able to select the lending period.
    Would you like us to have a place to suggest books to get? Yes, please! Maybe a “virtual” librarian that we could ask questions, or provide suggestions.
    Would you like to have us keep a list of books you have downloaded? Yes!
    Would you like to be able to download a list of books you have downloaded? Yes! Yes!
    How long have you been downloading books? Prior to the library offerings, but primarily from the library.

    I too want to thank the library for offering this service. It’s so much easier than dealing with CDs and CD Players, or tapes. My family and I still visit the library frequently, but use this almost as much.

  39. M Horvath says:

    1. Yes, for audiobooks. Unfortunately I do not have a portable ebook reader. 🙁
    2. The page is functional but I have a few suggestions:
    a) the page width and font size are kind of small on large widescreen monitors, and the color contrast is a bit high;
    b) I wish there were a “Science Fiction & Fantasy” heading in the Audiobook Fiction section in the page sidebar;
    c) navigating through my browser history is difficult following a search query without the book title or some other identifying information in the HTML page title.
    3. I usually search by title or author.
    4. After a search result typically. Very rarely from the site’s homepage.
    5. I’ve noticed that a lot of SF & Fantasy series only have one or two titles in audiobook format. And, the titles that are available are also often scattered throughout the series’ run, instead of – for instance – in series order or chronologically by date of publication.
    6. Always 21 days.
    7. Rarely more than two at a time.
    8. They’re the same in both media.
    9. Ditto.
    10. Audiobooks in the evenings before falling asleep. Sometimes I have to backtrack a few chapters the next day.
    11. I listen for at least an hour each day.
    12. —

    Thank you!

  40. Joan Whitaker says:

    you should offer classes to enable members to use this service.

  41. Melanie Hull says:

    1. I use this for audio books.
    2. At first I was a little confused by the system, but now its really easy!
    3. I usually search for specific titles and then browse the offerings.
    4. I go from the homepage
    5. I would love more young adult and children’s series. I would be thrilled with more audiobooks period though….
    6. I always pick 7 days and then hope to renew if needed.
    7. I check out several at a time. I widh we could check them in early because I often try different books out to find new authors (sometimes it doesn’t work so well).
    8. I’m not sure- I do think some books are better read on paper than audio and vice versa. I for sure have favorite readers.
    10. I listen in the car during my commute, at work, and before bed. I have audio books instead of the radio
    11. an embarrassing amount of time
    12. you did good

  42. Martie says:

    1. ebooks only
    2. yes, it’s easy to use
    3. both
    4. I used the link on the homepage primarily.
    5. more Christian fiction!!!
    6. 21
    7. 1 or 2
    8. don’t have a favorite
    9. ???
    10. I ready ebooks anywhere I would read a paper book. I don’t listen to audiobooks.
    11. not NEARLY as much as I’d like!!!
    12. These were good. 🙂

  43. Fran Atkins says:

    I need instructions on how to download ebooks from the Library to my Nook. I have tried to get help at the Franklin Road branch without success. I really love to read ebooks but can’t afford to to purchase all the many books that I read each year. Please send me instructions that are easy to understand and accomplish. Thanks

  44. John Andrews says:

    My apologies in advance if this will seem harsh criticism (but I hope constructive): I’ve got to say it was easier to publish an ebook (which I just did) than to find and figure out the IMCPL electronic books, the HELP system desperately needs some help of it’s own, at least regarding this (admittedly new) electronic books. The help system is quite skimpy on these eBooks – at least as I’ve found thus far.
    I’m focused on “Downloadable Audiobooks”. I’ve been at this 30 minutes so far with no luck. I have 20 years of computer programming experience, so I believe I can claim I’m not a beginner with computers.
    To your credit, the core library web catalog (eg for conventional books and making requests) an excellently implemented database and human interface web site, your overall system is an A+, so don’t take my grips out of context, but the help system did not help me figure out what do do with a “Downloadable Audiobook” once I found one I wanted. I couldn’t place a request as it announced it was an “electronic resource”, and it resided in the “Web Catalog” but then no a bit of further guidance of where to go or how to proceed. I’m sure it’s there, but it has taken longer to find (so far) than it seems it should.
    Oops, I think I see the problem, Sherlock, as great a tool as it is for finding things, does not understand how to get a user over to the downloadable pages, there needs to be a link different from the “make request” link (which does not work anyway for “Downloadable Audiobook”. I’ve just found the book I was after in the separate pages, the “Downloadables Page”, so I’ll work with that.
    Also, it seems at least a few others have echoed similar sentiments. The data is there (books), but it’s not immediately obvious how to get there and what to do. Evening classes are an excellent idea.
    Best Regards…

  45. John Andrews says:

    Ok, sorry if I was too harsh (above), but I did find what I needed, it just wasn’t clear, there are basically two web sites, our good old and the eBooks site, ‘’. I guess I would have liked to see a clear bridge (aka a ‘hot-link’) from the one to the other.
    Best Regards…

  46. Cilla says:

    1. audio only
    2. I don’t like needing to search twice for audiobooks, once for each format (mp3 or wma). Would like an ‘either’ option.
    3. Both, but mostly browse since the probability of any particular title being there is low.
    4. Homepage
    5. No strong preference, but maybe more history/biography
    6. 21 days
    7. 2-4
    8. Can’t think of anyone I -always- read (or listen to) these days. My audiobooks tend to be more popular sort and print more obscure stuff. Some of that is availability, some that I seem to like to listen to less demanding things.
    9. Not necessarily. With audiobooks the narrator has a lot to do with it.
    10. Usually at home in the evening while playing computer games.
    11. Only 2-3 days per week, but about 2 hours when I do.

  47. Dr. Lisa Riolo says:

    1.  I have tried to use it for ebooks but none of the books I want to read are here.
    2.  It is horribly difficult to use. I don’t like having to log in separately when I’ve logged onto the library account already. The search engine is terribly inefficient. I type exact titles or authors and get hundreds of unrelated titles.
    3.  I search only, never browse.
    4.  I access only from the separate page. I’ve never seen an ebook as an option when I search the catalog.
    5.  I have searched dozens of books on my reading list and none has ever been available electronically. I look for new releases, novels and non fiction.
    6.  I would select 21 if I could.
    7.  I never have been able to and I do not know the limit but I would want 5-6.

    8. Who’s your favorite author? Is your favorite author on paper the same as your favorite audiobook or e-book author? (No,we  don’t have any e-books or audiobooks by William Faulkner.  Is this a problem?)  It is a major problem that nothing is available electronically. Including Faulkner. I am not interested in audiobooks.

    9. Irrelevant to me.
    10. I do not use audiobooks. I use ebooks as I do real books.
    11. Irrelevant to me.
    12. What other question should we have asked? Mode of reading – iPad. How many books I read a month – 8.

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