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A Dozen Questions for Those Who Download

January 4, 2011 by Reader's Connection

Downloadables pagePlease answer our questions by leaving a comment. Thank you.

1.  Do you use the library’s Downloadables page primarily to find audiobooks? E-books? Both?

2.  Do you find the page easy to use? What could we do to make it easier?

3.  When on the Downloadables page, do you search for specific titles, or browse the library’s offerings?

Downloadables page4.  Do you access the page from the link on our homepage, or do you usually get there when you’ve found a  downloadable title in our catalog, and then clicked “Full text?”

5.  Would you like the library to offer more of any particular kind of e-book or audiobook? Nonfiction? Biography? Fiction? Mystery? Fantasy? Downloadables for teens or children? Others?

Yet another link that takes you to the Downloadables page. I need to think of some other place to send you.6.  What lending period do you usually select? 7 days? 14 days? 21 days? Do you change the period, depending on the book?

7.  How many titles do you usually check out at a time? Would you like to see the limit of titles increased? (I’m not saying we can do this. Just wondered if it would make a difference to you.)

8. Who’s your favorite author? Is your favorite author on paper the same as your favorite audiobook or e-book author? (No,we  don’t have any e-books or audiobooks by William Faulkner.  Is this a problem?)

Link to nowhere.
9.  Is your favorite character while reading on paper the same as your favorite e-character?

10. Where and when do you listen to audiobooks? Where and when do you read e-books?

11. How much time do you spend e-or-audio-reading in a day?

12. What other question should we have asked?

Thanks again!