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Eating the Rainbow

July 2, 2010 by Reader's Connection

A meditation on food colors–food colors, not food coloring–from Central Library´s Julie Able:

Now that produce markets are in full swing I like to browse the stands for beautifully colored foods.  Rhubarb, Swiss chard, and beets are some of my weaknesses right now.  Did you notice that they share a nice red hue?  Red foods are my favorites.  I’m just happier eating tomatoes, beets, red peppers, cherries, cranberries or pomegranate seeds than anything else. 

How are you with the blue food?   I can pass a blueberry by, but will enjoy a few surrounded by pancake batter or red food.  Strawberries mixed with blueberries I can do.

That’s another thing I like about red food.  Red food makes all the other foods on your plate look better and a colorful plate makes me smile.

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