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  1. The Widow: a recommendation


    August 18, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    The Widow by Fiona Barton Really…. how could a wife be so clueless, trusting, gullible? This gullible wife tries to comprehend her husband’s secret life after he dies. There is…

  2. The return of the Moonstone


    August 8, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    When I first read The Moonstone a few decades back, it was already a hundred years old. Author Wilkie Collins had it serialized in a magazine in 1868, and it…

  3. I’ve Lived in East London for 86 1/2 Years: A recommendation


    August 1, 2016 by Reader's Connection

      If you read only one book for the rest of 2016, I recommend I’ve Lived in East London for 86 1/2 Years by Joseph Markovitch (Words) and Martin Usborne…

  4. North Water, by Ian McGuire (Remember: anyone can submit reviews to Reader’s Connection.)


    July 18, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    It is the late 1800s and the whale hunting industry is beginning to fade. Why would a ship owner send a ship this far north so late in the year?…

  5. I discovered Rage on Virginia Avenue


    July 4, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    You know how some stories are said to have “twists?” Well, Becky Masterman’s 2013 novel Rage Against the Dying begins in a twist. I can’t go into details, but the…