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‘Gift Suggestions’ Category

  1. The Perfect Gift! This Gives Me Another Reason to Love Indy Reads Books


    November 22, 2012 by Reader's Connection

    I visited Indy Reads Books soon after it opened, and was so excited that I wrote a blogpost about it, listing eight reasons that I had come to love it.…

  2. A Gift Suggestion from Alice, and an Interview with Ashfall Author Mike Mullin, Featuring a Taekwondo Moment


    November 19, 2012 by Reader's Connection

    I asked our Facebook users if they knew of any books–with 2012 copyright dates–that should be added to my ongoing list of gift suggestions. You can make a suggestion, if…

  3. Is This an Appropriate Holiday Gift?


    November 15, 2012 by Reader's Connection

    When I got Robbie the Robot for Christmas, he was positioned in front of the tree and could gaze out robotically¬†over the living room. Each of us boys received a…

  4. For the Movie Fan on Your List. We’re Talking 20th Century Movies.


    November 8, 2012 by Reader's Connection

    I always liked Henry Fonda, but I never gave him much thought. He was never a charismatic favorite. When I saw the title The Man Who Saw a Ghost: The…

  5. For the Urban Fantasy Lover on Your List


    November 3, 2012 by Reader's Connection

    Have you watched any episodes of Dead Like Me? It ran on Showtime¬†for a couple of seasons, 2003-2004, and featured a group of reapers–undead beings who wandered the city, gathering…