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  1. 3 poems by Louise Glück


    December 18, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    Louise Glück’s A Village Life  reminds me, a little, of Spoon River Anthology, by Edgar Lee Masters. Each book contains poems about different people, living in (or having lived in) some…

  2. “Switch” by Seán Ó Ríordáin


    December 11, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    The Year of the Horse isn’t over ’til it’s over. February 18th, 2015, will be its end-date. Until that time, whenever you and this blog are in the same room,…

  3. 3 poems by Tracy K. Smith


    September 1, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    On September 17th, Tracy K. Smith will be the first author to appear in this fall’s Visiting Authors Series at Butler. These poems are from her Pulitzer Prize-winning collection Life on Mars …

  4. A samurai and a goddess came in the mail yesterday.


    August 16, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    I might have thought that I’d heard enough about samurais or goddesses for one lifetime, but two poems from yesterday’s email have turned me around. The Poetry Foundation’s Poem of…

  5. 3 poems available only on Reader’s Connection


    July 31, 2014 by Reader's Connection

    These poems don’t appear in any book. “My poems are in the public domain,” says Charlie Differ. “They live in a park.” If you’re interested in checking out a book,…