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Art and Myrtle are looking forward to Christmas on Larklight, their space ship home. They are expecting holiday visitors, space pirate Jack Havock and his merry crew. Like always, when the pirates arrive, adventure is not far behind.

The party is interrupted by a mysterious SOS signal from Georgium Sidus (Uranus), a message from the only two humans known to live there, a missionary named Rev. Cruet and his daughter Charity.  The message says, “Great danger – imperative that – ” and then the message cuts off.

Not people to pass up an adventure, the pirates and the Mumby’s immediately set out for Georgium Sidus, racing through space toward a mysterious evil-looking cloud that is closing in on the edges of our universe. The cloud conceals  an army of blue lizards and giant moths led by an evil demigod. What does she want? Just Myrtle’s own Queen Victoria and domination of the universe.

Jack and Myrtle continue their awkward romance and this time, Art gets to meet his own kindred spirit – the adventurous and un-ladylike Charity Cruet.

If you haen’t read any of the Larklight books yet, start with the first one.  It helps to meet the Mumby’s and understand why they live in space and how they became friends with the space pirate Jack Havock. This is a really original, funny series.

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