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The 2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics

The XXII  Winter Olympic Games take place February 7-23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Below you will find websites and books to help you enjoy and follow all of the details, from countries to athletes to records.


Learn About the Olympics:

Coubertin's Olympics Eyewitness Olympians Olympics History Inside the Olympics
Freeze Frame a Photographic History of the Winter Games Special Olympics Touch the Sky The World's Greatest Olympians
The Winter Olympics Olympics A Passion for Victory So You Think You Know the Olympics
Olympic Heroes and Zeroes Amazing Olympic Records Great Olympic Moments High-Tech Olympics
The World of the Olympics Events History Scandals
Records Paralympic Sports Events Ancient Greece and the Olympics

Winter Olympic Sports:

Alpine and Freestyle Skiing Biathlon, Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, and Nordic Combined Bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton Figure Skating
Ice Hockey and Curling Snowboard Speed Skating Curling
Figure Skating Ice Hockey Skiing Ski Slopestyle

Olympic Chapter Books:

Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics The Hour of the Olympics

Olympic eBooks:

Hour of the Olympics Ancient Greece and the Olympics The Olympics

Graphic Novels:

The Smurf Olympics Geronimo Stilton Saves the Olympics
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The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl


It’s time again for the big game, even if our Colts can’t be in it this time. The Super Bowl has been around for 47 years. The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967 in Los Angeles, California. It was between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This year, the Super Bowl takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana on Febuary, 3, 2013. The game is between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.



Baltimore Ravens:

Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens The History of the Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers:

The San Francisco 49ers The San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
The History of the San Francisco 49ers

Football Books:

Football The Ultimate Guide to Pro Football Teams Pro Football’s Dream Teams Pro Football’s Most Spectacular Quarterbacks
Pro Football’s Stars of the Defense Pro Football’s Stars of the Offense AFC North NFC West
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Racing against the odds : the Story of Wendell Scott, Stock Car Racing’s African-American Champion

Racing against the odds : the Story of Wendell Scott, Stock Car Racing’s African-American Champion

Racing Against the Odds

  • When Wendell Scott was fourteen he bought his first car for $15. Then he tore it apart and put it back together again. A race car driver was born!

Wendell raced cars during segregation. Some racetracks wouldn’t let him race because he was black. He never had a new car or any help from a sponsor or anyone else. His sons were his pit crew.

Despite that he finished in the top ten 147 times. He won one NASCAR race in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963. He is the first and only black race car driver to ever win a NASCAR race.

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Marshall “Major” Taylor

Marshall “Major” Taylor


This is the story of a young African-American boy who grew up in Indianapolis over a hundred years ago. Despite living at a time when African-Americans were often denied basic rights, Marshall Taylor became a world champion cyclist.

Marshall earned the nickname “Major” when he performed bicycle tricks as a very young boy dressed in a military style costume. When he was a teenager he stopped performing tricks and moved on to bicycle racing – and he was really, really good – world champion good! His story is inspiring because he persevered even when there were many people who didn’t want him to even be in a race, let alone win, just because he was African-American. Sometimes he rode fast just to get away from angry people chasing him! Author: Marlene Targ Brill

In Indianapolis, we have the Major Taylor Velodrome, a world-class bicycle racing track named for this cycling great. You can ride your bike and also use inline skates at the Velodrome. If you want to try riding there, it’s best if you are at least 10 years old. Call ahead and see if you can arrange a time to go try it out. And don’t forget your helmet! 3649 Cold Spring Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46222 Velodrome Phone: 317-327-8356

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The Brooklyn Nine

The Brooklyn Nine

The Brooklyn Nine Felix plays in 1854 and likes the New York Knickerbockers. Louis is a soldier during the Civil War and plays ball between battles. Arnold is a fan in 1894 and gets to meet his favorite player. Walter is a batboy for the Brooklyn Superbas in 1908. Frankie does a little betting on the game in 1926. Kat, a girl, plays for the Grand Rapids Chicks in 1945. Jimmy can’t believe it when he finds out the Dodgers are leaving Brooklyn in 1957. Michael just might pitch a perfect game in 1981. Snider turns baseball memorabelia into dollars on e-bay in 2002. Nine innings in a baseball game, nine kids in this story told in nine chapters…one chapter for each kid. The nine kids have baseball in common and something else, something really important…but you’ll have to get to the last chapter to find out what it is. TIP: Pay attention to the bat and the ball. Each chapter is a story itself but the way the author ties it all together at the end is really cool! Author: Allan Gatz Look

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